Evaluation matrix for UX teams

Getting started

Manage your design team better by evaluating each member's design prowess
This matrix tries to measure the designers on the following 8 key indicators.
Working methods
People skills
Problem solving
Software skills
Design leadership

For each aspects there are associated parts and corresponding questions. Each part is given a weightage which adds up to 100% for each key indicator. Each part needs to be scored out of 100. Answering the corresponding questions will help one decide the scores.

Based on the role the designer is supposed to perform in the team, the weightage can be adjusted for each parts for the designer in consideration.

How to use the this matrix?
If you want to use the same indicators and scoring pattern as per the
, hide
and skip to 3rd step
If you want to change the indicators and scoring pattern, go to the
and modify the
, parts and corresponding questions.
Delete the sample pages
Now follow the steps below

How to add a new designer?
Click here to add a new designer

Click on the above button to create a new page for a designer
Change the page name to the designer’s name
Modify the table names to add the designer’s name
Click on clear scores and add new scores
Change icon
Add the designer to the table in Team page

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