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How to use News Insights Assistant

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Step-by-Step Guide to Using News Insights Assistant
Accessing News Insights Assistant:
Go to the Coda Gallery (or Marketplace) within the Coda app.
Copying the Template:
Locate "News Insights Assistant" in the gallery and click on it to open the template.
Click on the "Copy Doc" button, which will create a duplicate of the template in your Coda workspace.
Customizing Business Details:
In the copied document, find the section labeled "Business Details."
Replace the placeholder information with your actual business details, including your business name, the industry it operates in, and a brief description of your business.
Updating Product Details:
Locate the section labeled "Product Details."
Enter the name of your product and provide a clear description of what it does or offers.
Adding RSS Feeds:
In the template, you'll find a section for News Article Analysis.
Click on the "Options" button of the section.
Click "RSS Feed" to input your desired RSS feeds.
Enter the URL of the news sources or websites from which you want to pull news articles.
To add more sources click “Add another sync”
Syncing for Analysis:
After adding your RSS feeds, click on the "Sync" button.
The News Insights Assistant will now process the provided RSS feeds and extract relevant news articles.
The tool will use advanced NLP algorithms to analyze the content and provide valuable insights.
Accessing Analysis:
Once the analysis is complete, navigate to the relevant sections of the template to view the insights.
Explore the summarized news digests, relevance to your business, associated risks, recommended actions, and potential opportunities.
Customizing Alerts and Workspaces (Optional):
If needed, you can set up customizable alerts to receive real-time notifications when new relevant articles are detected.
Utilize collaborative workspaces to share insights, collaborate with teams, and make informed decisions together.
Tips and Reminders:
Regularly update the RSS feeds to ensure you receive the latest news and insights.
Take advantage of the customizable filters and search options for targeted research.
Use the tool to proactively address risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities in your industry.
Note: News Insights Assistant is a powerful tool designed to provide valuable news analysis for your business. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can leverage the platform to stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your business strategies.

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