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If you just want the main facts for the upcoming outing, see TL;DR bottom of this page.

If you want to dive into more details, here is some more info:

Hey there! 🎨 Join me on a journey to enrich and deepen my existing connections while making the most of our city's cultural offerings. At least once a month (when I am in the city) I want to try to catch an art byte of some art and food for my mind and soul, hopefully with some people to share in the experience.
What am I hoping to do: ​Explore Art: I'll be sharing upcoming art events and exhibitions that catch my eye.
Culinary Delights: Looking for a local spot to enjoy a bit to eat or something nice to drink
Limited Time, Maximum Experience: With limited time, create memorable experiences for and with those I know.
Welcome to my art bytes! 🌟

Some more info for the day:

Notes for the day (weather, getting around, etc):


If you hit this page and the next event is TBD, take a look at the ‘Upcoming Shows’ page for events that you might enjoy (and I might be at)
When: Various times,
Sunday, December 3rd: 1pm
Contemporary Art Gallery
Trinh-ma-ha exhibit
If you have time beforehand, you might want to make a short visit to one of:
Monte Clark Gallery (keep hearing I need to visit this space in Railtown)
Canton-sardine (in Chinatown... might be closed, call)
Or more than one
Sunday, January TBD, not sure when back
What: We are going to meet to experience some art (solo or with others), grab a bit of food & drink, hopefully spark some conversation together
Where: rotating locations,
Sunday, December, 3rd: TBD once show selected
Dovetail @230
Some other options I had been told to try:
@5 pm Elephant ($75 Omaskase, max 4 ppl) (try the hype)
Chinatown wander for Laowei or Ask for Bageerha
Keep in touch:

FYI, Am collecting other shows I want to visit in one place, if you want to explore take a look. If you have something I should be seeing, let me know.

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