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Kalavani Institute Festival

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Launching the Kalāvāṇī Institute

In March 2022, we will be hosting the Kalāvāṇī festival to launch our interdisciplinary Indian traditional performing arts institute, under the banner of the Indian Classical Music Society of Vancouver.
There will be a series of events attracting our diverse audience of 1000s of followers at the cross-section of music lovers and the Indian diasporic community who will be wanting to learn and listen to speakers such as , , and
We are inviting you to sponsor this event in order to help foster the development of Indian classical music in North America and to also help promote your brand to this discerning audience. Our sponsorship package outlines a variety of benefits from one event or across a series of events, an opportunity to build brand presence to suit your brand voice and growth goals.
More details can be found below, or reach out to us at:
We are grateful to the support of our partners: Creative BC and City of Vancouver

Event & Details

Variety of sponsorship opportunities for 4 events taking place at the end of March 2022.
Launch concert
Pedagogy panel discussion
Dhrupad workshops
Speech pathology workshop

Launch concert
What: Professionally showcasing local established and emerging talent, bringing together various communities in celebration of Kalāvāṇī’s launch
Capacity: ~150-200 people in attendance; virtual capacity post concert is unlimited (streamed on Facebook and YouTube)
Who: Launch Concert with workshop participants, Kalāvāṇī students, and Kalāvāṇī faculty
Program features Kalāvāṇī student performances, and performances featuring the Dhrupad workshop participants. Launch concert will conclude with a performance by Akhil, Sunny, Kishan, and Satpreet Singh (emerging Dilruba artist in Grade 11 - bowed instrument)
Program to be professionally audio and video recorded, for publishing publicly post-event
Where: Live
When: Saturday, March 26 from 8.00-10.00pm (seating opens at 7.45pm)

Pedagogy panel discussion
What: Giving an in-depth account of what it means to learn and teach these classical art forms here in Vancouver, and the experiences of taking advanced training elsewhere. Explore how we can move forward as a community in providing that level of advanced training here
Capacity: Virtual capacity unlimited (streamed on Facebook and YouTube)
Who: Pedagogy in Indian performing art traditions with Srividhya Sairam, Jai Govinda, Sunny Matharu, Bageshree Vaze, moderated by Akhil Jobanputra
Where: Virtual
When: Saturday, March 12 from 3.00-5.00pm

Dhrupad workshops
What: This workshop is expected to provide high-quality instruction from established professionals, prepare participants for a performance, and present an opportunity to explore an ancient artform intensively
Capacity: Up to 30 curated students, accepted after an audition and interview process
Who: Hosted by Arijit Mahalanabis (SIMA)
Dhrupad is the oldest surviving form of north Indian instrumental and vocal music. It originated as a form of worship music, and later as courtly music during the Mughal period. Today, Dhrupad has reached people across the globe of all backgrounds and has managed to stay in practice despite a recession during the colonial rule
Where: Hybrid, virtual and in-person
When: March 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 from 7-9pm
Speech pathology workshop
What: This workshop provides practical vocal maintenance habits to Indian classical vocalists, analyzing voice production techniques and key takeaways for a healthier voice, curated specifically for Indian classical vocalists
Capacity: Virtual capacity: unlimited (streamed on YouTube and Facebook)
Who: Hosted by Dr Alannah Turner
This workshop will how traditional pedagogy can intersect with other areas of knowledge
Where: Virtual
When: Saturday, March 5 from 10.00-11.00am

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Levels & Benefits (confirm)
We recognize it is harder to get in front of niche audiences, not just to share your brand promise but to learn from your consumers. Our sponsorship packages range from an opportunity to share to learning from our members on how best to connect with them.
The Initiators (~250-$500): up to four tickets to an upcoming Baithak series event (where we are selling tickets), get social media reach to our followers
The Community Patron (~$500-$1000): Everything in the package + reserved seating at the event, get social media reach to our followers.
The Bronze Package (~$1500-$3000): A dedicated mention at the launch event, prioritized placement in upcoming marketing, a digital copy of the Kalāvāṇī Institute launch concert. Also includes everything in the Community Patron package.
The Silver Package (~$3000-$4000, max 3): Everything in the Bronze Package + opportunity to send content* to our mailing list
We will not provide you the mailing lists, rather we can send a promotional item that will both deliver a benefit to our audience and promote your brand. Examples could be digital certificates to sample your items, digital content about your brand, etc. Something mutually beneficial to our organizations.
The Gold Package (~$6,000, max 1): Everything in the Bronze and Silver Packages + case study
What is a question you would want to better understand from this audience? You want an expert to do it right the first time so you have time to build our brand, iterate on your product, and scale your business. Limited to one specific research question. We can invite a small group (4-6 focus group style) of our audience to help you address that question (i.e. better understand how they perceive your brand, new products or services they desire). Please note the project will be completed by a seasoned researcher
This project is incredibly intensive in exploring multiple facets of learning, teaching, and performing Indian classical music. Something of this calibre has never been done in Vancouver’s music industry for this genre of music. The opportunity for institute students and workshop participants to perform on stage, as well as have training with established professionals, will create opportunities for partnerships in the future. Featuring local established teachers and performers will also highlight the talent that have here, and foreshadow our future as an institute.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

Across all levels with sponsorship, you will
Promote your brand at one of this year’s most prestigious events
Be a visible community supporter
Get social media reach to over 2000 followers
Establish a long-term relationship with ICMSV and the Kalāvāṇī Institute
Increase your reach to new clients and target audiences
Support the Vancouver Indian classical arts scene

What Sponsorship Funding Will Go Towards

Musicians’ fees
Venue rental
Ticketing fees
Printing costs
Funding for future concerts
Insurance costs

Artists & Academics

Artists & Academics
Turner is a registered speech language pathologist certified by Speech Audiology Canada and has been working with several members of the Indian classical music community already, yielding great results. Events: Speech pathology workshop
Akhil Jobanputra is the Founder and President of the Indian Classical Music Society, and Head Faculty at Kalavani Institute. Born-and-raised in BC, he started his training at the age of three with numerous local teachers, and now 20 years later has launched his career as a curator, performer, and educator of the traditions he continually learns. He is the disciple of Pandit Arun Dravid and Pandit Arijit Mahalanabis, two well-reputed scholar-musicians, and has also learnt from Pandit Jasraj and Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar. Events: Launch concert, Pedagogy panel discussion, Dhrupad workshop
is a well-respected scholar-musician of numerous genres of Indian classical music based in Pennsylvania. He has been teaching several advanced students for over 20 years under the Society for Indian Music and Arts (SIMA), and has served adjunct positions at the Evergreen State College and the University of Washington. Events: Launch concert, Dhrupad workshop
Jai Govinda is the managing artistic director of , who has created a longstanding impact of teaching professional-calibre Bharatanatyam (south Indian classical dance form) students in Vancouver. Events: Pedagogy panel discussion
Kishan Patel is a multi-faceted musician, fluent in various Indian vocal genres as well as instruments such as the Tabla, Dilruba, Sitar, and Pakhawaj. He is a senior disciple of Arijit Mahalanabis, and is the head faculty of SIMA’s Harrisburg branch with over 70 students. Events: Launch concert, Dhrupad workshop
is the artistic director of . She is an award winning Indo-Canadian dance artist and musician. She trained in Bharatha Natyam, studied vocal music with her father, Damodar Vaze. She later trained in Kathak dance with Jai Kishan Maharaj in New Delhi, and studied vocal music with the renowned Veena Sahasrabuddhe. Events: Dhrupad workshop
Srividhya Sairam is an All India Radio graded Carnatic vocalist from Chennai, India. She’s currently in Canada pursuing her PhD in Mathematics at SFU, along with continuing her musical pursuits. Although new to the local community, she has been an active member in it, giving multiple performances and presentations. Pedagogy panel discussion
Sunny Matharu is a local Tabla (Indian percussive instrument) artist and teacher. Growing up in BC, he has been involved in the community for a long time and learns under one of the world’s leading Tabla maestros, Yogesh Samsi. Events: Launch concert, Pedagogy panel discussion
Satpreet Singh is a talented, young artist who has been learning Tabla from Amarjeet Singh and Dilruba from Davinder Singh Namdhari. He has performed for numerous local programs, and most recently was featured in a production for the Chan Centre. Events: Launch concert

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