Fall 2022 Syllabus

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Time Commitment

Time Commitment

The amount of time it will take you to complete the work for the course will depend on many factors, which will vary with each individual. Students can expect to spend anywhere from 6-8 hours per week on this course. This may seem like a lot however keep in mind that there is no formal class to attend so lectures and coursework that would be done in class are accounted for time spent online.
The general calculation is to expect at least one hour per credit of outside time you will need to spend. If you normally go to class 3 hours per week per course, you will need to devote that same amount of time to your course outside of class meetings. Consult with the course Calendar and your instructor to be sure you are on schedule, keeping up with the material, and submitting assignments and assessments on time.
As a general rule, in this course you will be expected to:
Log in to CougarView, or your Gmail account regularly to check messages from your instructor and other students.
Check the Calendar for announcements from your instructor.
Look ahead to what we are covering before class to be able to participate in a meaningful dialogue.
Complete all coursework and assignments in the time allowed.
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