Fall 2022 Syllabus

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There are no textbooks you have to purchase for this course. All materials are open-access and are freely available. The links to the textbooks we will be looking at are:

- Mike Caulfield, Washington State University Vancouver This ebook can be downloaded as a PDF for an e-read or web browser.
Citation: Caufield, Mike. (2017). Web Literacy For Student Fact-Checkers. Washington State University, Vancouver.
by Jim Marteney, Contributor. The book can be downloaded as a PDF, ebook (for an e-reader), or read on a web browser.
Additional Readings:
Each module will have smaller articles and/or video content to review.
*Keep In Mind - You will not be expected to read all of these word-for-word but we will be looking at parts of each for different lessons.

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