Fall 2022 Syllabus

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During class discussions or commenting on students’ work, remember to keep your comments and responses respectful and civil. Due to the nature of the topics of the course, “hot-button” issues may come up. Some of us can feel very passionate about these topics. I encourage you to engage with the tough topics and have honest conversations, but do so respectfully. We can disagree, but there is no need to be rude or demeaning towards another’s thoughts, opinions, and beliefs.
Visit the to view netiquette principles. Netiquette principles include the following:
Practicing manners and civility in all communication with your Instructor and classmates.
In MS Teams, there is a forum I have created for questions and discussions with your peers, and myself, outside of class.
Respect your Instructor in all communication ('Dear Professor xxx' not 'Hey').


A large part of the course requires you to participate in in-class discussions either within a small group or the larger class.
A discussion is an opportunity to voice your thoughts and opinions, but remember to be respectful and open-minded to your classmates' varying opinions.
Remember that I want you to provide honest opinions and comments. Just do this respectfully. If you wouldn't say something to someone's face about an issue they care a lot about, consider whether it should be said.


Monday through Friday I will respond within 24 hours. Weekends might be up to 48 hours.
Use your official CSU Gmail account for all e-mail communication. Send emails through Gmail and not CougarView. I will respond to messages sent either way. However, it's easier for me to respond, which means you get a faster response. CougarView does not always send a notification that a message has been sent to me as well.
You can also message me through Google Chats and MS Teams. Often I will see that first and can respond immediately.
Follow common sense in writing and sending e-mail. As this course is a semi-public space, be cautious about sharing too much personal information such as address or phone number.
Read and think about e-mail before sending. Email is a permanent record of your communication.


“Attending” class and participating in class discussions is required. You will be expected to participate in ongoing discussions and to interact with other students and your instructor regularly. Attending class in an online setting is logging into the course, reviewing the weekly material, and participating in discussions and class activities.
You should check into the course at least 2 times per week and look at the weekly course content in each module. If you do not log in during the week, you will lose a point from the participation grade total. This will not be significant to your final grade. However, it could mean the difference between rounding up to an A from a B.

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