Fall 2022 Syllabus

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“Attending” class and participating in class discussions is required. You will be expected to participate in ongoing discussions and to interact with other students and your instructor regularly. Attending class in an online setting is logging into the course, reviewing the weekly material, and participating in discussions and class activities.
You should check into the course at least 2 times per week and look at the weekly course content in each module. If you do not log in during the week, you will lose 0-2.5 points from the participation grade total. This will not be significant to your final grade. However, it could mean the difference between rounding up to an A from a B. Your Total Attendance Points are 75 points. (Forfilling the weekly requirement is 5 points per week for a total of 75 points.)
Attendance Points
Weekly Requirement
Login 2X (Requirement)
Login 1X
Login 0X
Login 2x
There are no rows in this table

Keeping Track

There will be an attendance roster in CougarView where you can check your attendance points. Points will also be added to your gradebook for you to keep track.

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