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Period Tracker

Period Tracker

From trackers to trackers (check out the to see all types), here’s another tracker to add to your list! If you have periods, this doc will help you track and predict your menstrual cycle with the help of three buttons.
But first, use these two buttons to get started:
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🔻 User guide:
🔺 The three main buttons are:
1. Start of period - click the red [Aunt Flo is in town...] button on the left when you begin your period. The button will record the date.
2. Next period prediction (optional) - If you use a period tracker app such as
, you can update this doc with information about your next period by clicking on the purple [Clue predicts...] button. Alternatively, you can adjust your average menstrual cycle in . To edit the value, right-click on the 28 and update the number. The purple [Coda predicts...] button will use that value to estimate your next period.
3. End of period - click the white [Aunt Flo has left town] button on the right when your period ends. The button will record the date.

🔺 Notes:
- Not a fan of the term “Aunt Flo”? Rename your buttons by right-clicking on the button and changing the Label.
- Calendar view only works on desktop.
- If you forget to record a period, you can add or edit it directly to the .
- The average period duration is calculated with a canvas formula based on the periods that you record. You do not need to reconfigure it.
- The average menstrual cycle length is based on your entry. It will not change.
Last period:
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Aunt Flo is in town...
Clue predicts....
Aunt Flo has left town
Coda predicts...
🔴 🔴 🔴
Next period: est.

Period Tracker Calendar
July 2022
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