Offboarding Tracker Template

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Offboarding Tracker Template

Keep HR parties in the loop and track must-do employee offboarding actions.
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Offboarding Form

Offboarding an employee involves coordination of efforts across different communication channels (i.e HRBP, workplace, payroll, IT, and/or legal team).
With HR teams that have various roles such as HRBP and HR Operations, it may involve a lot of back and forth communication to obtain all the pertinent information that’s required to properly process an offboarding. You may also be direct messaging or emailing each partner team to notify them of a new offboarding request. You end up with multiple threads, may forgot who you’ve informed, and requires a lot of manual outreach!
By centralizing intake into a form, the information your HR Ops team needs is standardized and you can easily notify relevant parties.
Set up an that triggers once the offboarding form is submitted. You can also set up that auto-notification to flow into a Slack channel to update everyone in one centralized channel.

Standardize information requests via intake form ↙️

Offboarding Tracker

For each employee being offboarded, there are often a number of tasks that happens in the HR Ops world (i.e terminating access in HR systems, conducting exit interviews, handling final payments and benefits, etc.). By having an off-boarding template for the team to reference, you’ll be able to ensure off-boardings are completed efficiently, consistently, and in compliance with company policies and legal requirements.

Keep your offboarding tasks organized ↙️

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