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As you can imagine by now, Zoho is our one-stop Finance shop at AlGooru.
Before wrapping this onboarding doc up, we’d like to share a few brief closing notes.
General matters:
Zoho should help us scale our finance operations 10x every month.
Books is used on a daily basis and is fully integrated with Analytics and Expense.
Some important things to note from an admin perspective:
User Activation: No user can be invited to any finance application without prior approval from leads.
Release Notes: Keep an eye on release notes on monthly basis, in order to bring out efficiency and automation

Leads & Expense:
Zoho Expense is used by all the team leads at AlGooru to report their own departmental expenses.
To approve any expense, the following criteria should be met:
Paid Through: It should be reported accurately from which account it’s paid.
Reference Attachment: Each expense approval requires a transactional attachment for the reference.

That was it!

Until we connect again! 👋

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