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HeadRace Recruiter FAQ
HeadRace Recruiter FAQ

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HeadRace OS + Recruiter Collabs

How to run your own searches on HeadRace (HeadRace OS) and how to split searches w/ friendly recruiters in your network (Recruiter Collabs).

HeadRace OS (aka Business-in-a-Box)

What is HeadRace OS?

HeadRace OS allows independent recruiters to start and grow their business without friction. The product provides automated custom contract creation, digital e-signature workflows, automated invoicing, streamlined payment processing and collections — all for free.

How does it work?

HeadRace OS works by allowing recruiters to invite their own clients to work with them on HeadRace. Recruiters are able to send and sign search agreements to their clients, as well as submit/review candidates, and collect payments. HeadRace OS is meant to be a true one-stop-shop solution for independent recruiters, replacing point solution tools such as DocuSign and Oh and remember, HeadRace OS is completely free to use and includes no transaction fees on anything.
Clients invited by recruiters will not have access to the broader HeadRace marketplace unless the recruiter grants explicit permission. Your clients will always remain your clients.

What does it cost?

HeadRace OS is completely free to use for recruiters. Similarly, HeadRace does not charge any marketplace fees for searches conducted with your own clients.

Why should I invite my own clients?

Inviting and working with your own clients on HeadRace allows us to more accurately build your recruiter profile based on all the searches you work on — not just the HeadRace-sourced searches. This means your profile will rank higher in our matching algorithm and will likely result in more HeadRace-sourced opportunities.
Inviting your clients is also completely free — and you pay no HeadRace marketplace fees on any earnings generated in your own client engagements. So really, there’s nothing to lose and plenty to gain. See below for a step-by-step guide to inviting your clients to HeadRace.

How do I invite my own clients?

There are two ways to invite your own clients, depending on the context. Here are the two scenarios:
Inviting a client before you are ready to sign a search agreement with them
Inviting a client when you are ready to sign a search agreement with them

Option 1 - Inviting a client before you’re ready to sign a search

Login to
Click on your avatar in the bottom left and click Settings
Click on Employer Invites
Click Send Invite ​
Fill in the following information and click Send Invite ​
Now your client will receive an email invitation that looks like this: ​
All your client needs to do is click the Accept Invitation button, then you’re good to go
Now whenever you and your client are ready, you can send a search agreement to the client by going to Searches → Create Agreement → select your client in the Employer Name dropdown

Option 2 - Inviting a client when you’re ready to sign a search

Login to
In the left-hand sidebar click on Searches ​
In the upper right, click Create Agreement ​
Click into the Employer Name dropdown and select Invite New Employer ​
Fill in the following information and click Send Invite ​
Now your client will receive an email that looks like this: ​
All your client needs to do is click the Go to Search Agreement button, then you’re good to go
Note that you do NOT need to separately invite your client — by sending the search agreement to the client, they have effectively been created in our database, so no need to send a separate invitation.

What does my client see when I invite them?

Depending on the context in which you are inviting your client, they will receive 1 of 2 emails notifying them of their invitation to join you on HeadRace. See the “” question above for the exact email templates.
Either way, once your client clicks the link to either accept the invitation or to review the proposed search agreement, they will be prompted to create an account
They will be redirected to a “set your password” page that looks like this. They will need to create and confirm a password to login to the employer portal in HeadRace ​
The page will load and it will redirect to the standard employer portal login page. *IMPORTANT: EMPLOYERS AND RECRUITERS LOG IN TO DIFFERENT PORTALS.
They will complete their registration by inputting the following fields of information ​
They will land on the home page within the employer portal. Their account setup is complete! ​

I’m worried about HeadRace introducing my clients to other recruiters

We understand your concern and we want to reassure you that under no circumstance will HeadRace introduce your client to any other recruiters on the HeadRace platform. Your relationship with your client is 100% exclusive — unless you tell us otherwise, we will not field requests from your client to meet other recruiters (if that ever happens).
If however you’d like to share an opportunity from your client with the broader marketplace (for example, you don’t have time to work on a search for a reliable client), you can split that search with another recruiter. Split (Collabs) searches are explored in more detail in the next section.
If there are other parts of the HeadRace client experience you’d like to better understand, please feel free to reach out to us at .

Recruiter Collabs (aka Splits)

Instructional Video Series

What are Recruiter Collabs?

Recruiter Collabs (formerly known as Splits) is a 1-to-1 recruiter product that allows 2 independent recruiters to work together on a search. Today, Collabs is primarily used by recruiters who already have existing relationships with other independent recruiters — these individuals are accustomed to splitting searches amongst each other.
Note that each Collab search will look slightly different, but HeadRace has attempted to build a highly modular set of tools that give friendly recruiters the ability to build flexible arrangements between one another. In general though, there are two “personas” within each Collab search:
Primary Recruiter - This person owns the relationship with the client. They are responsible for signing the search agreement with the employer. They determine how much of the search they are willing to share with the secondary recruiter. The primary may or may not contribute candidate submissions themself, but they will be responsible for reviewing candidates submitted by the secondary recruiter.
Secondary Recruiter - This person is invited to collaborate on the search by the primary recruiter. They are typically responsible for sourcing and submitting candidates. All candidate submissions will need to go through the primary recruiter for approval, before being passed onto the client.

How do Collabs work?

It works as follows:
Monica (Primary Recruiter) has a good relationship with her client ACME Co. They have agreed to partner on a search for a Senior Software Engineer.
Monica is quite busy at the moment and could use some help from another recruiter in her network. She reaches out to her friend John (Secondary Recruiter) — John is excited to partner with Monica on this search.
Monica invites ACME Co. to HeadRace, they sign a search agreement on the HeadRace platform for the Senior Software Engineer role.
Monica then converts that search into a Collab on HeadRace by inviting John to collaborate on this search. Monica specifies how much of the search she is willing to share with John. For this example, Monica and John agree to a 50/50 split.
John gets an invite to join HeadRace and accept this Collab search from Monica. Once his account is created, he is able to view the role just as Monica can.
John will submit candidates directly to Monica for her approval. If Monica approves John’s candidates then those candidates will be sent to the client.
Monica is also able to submit candidates directly to her client, ACME Co.
If one of John’s candidates gets hired by ACME Co. then John is entitled to 50% of the total fees paid out. Monica keeps the remaining 50%.
If however, Monica’s candidate gets hired then John does not receive any portion of the fees paid. Monica keeps 100%.

What do Collabs cost?

There is no upfront fee to set up a Collab search. And because the Collab is being facilitated by the primary recruiter’s existing client, the typical HeadRace Fee Schedule does not apply. Instead, the fees are structured as follows:

1. Primary recruiter already knows the secondary recruiter they would like to work with.

Primary pays 1% of their respective earnings
Secondary pays 1% of their respective earnings
Example Payout Scenarios - 1

2. Primary recruiter does not know a secondary recruiter who could help with their search. The primary requests that HeadRace facilitate an introduction to a secondary recruiter who can help.

Primary pays 10% of their respective earnings
Secondary pays 10% of their respective earnings
Example Payout Scenarios - 2

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