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Houseplant Watering & Checking

Keep track of when your plants need to be watered and get a daily email on status of all your plants.

What problem this doc solves

As you get more plants in your home, you might forget when you last watered a plant or last checked the moisture in the soil. This doc does not completely replace the need to manually check your plants since that’s part of the fun of having plants!
This doc let’s you input the number of days in between waterings and every day you get an email of which plants are in “danger” based on the last time you watered or checked the plant and the number of days you manually set between checks.

How to use this doc

Enter all your plants on the page (make sure to fill out the Days between checks column. Some plants need to be checked more often than others).
As you check and water your plants, click the appropriate buttons in (sorted by last time the plant was watered) or in (top 10 lists of plants sorted by last time watered and checked).
See all your plants in one place in .
Adjust the daily email you would like to send yourself in and write your email address below. You’ll also have to click on the gear icon ⚙️ in the top right, click on Automations, click on Daily plant reminder, and set the toggle to ON.
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