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Alan Nguyen Portfolio

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Hi, I'm Alan!

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Hi, I'm Alan and I'm a product manager at Airwallex. Before this, I was a management consultant at A.T. Kearney. In my spare time I play basketball, Oztag and love all types of sports (more )!
[2 years PM @ Airwallex, eBay] Founded and built a new product domain (Developer Experience Platform) from just me to 6 cross-functional engineers, designers, and tech writers.
Joined as a solutions engineer => solved a bunch of developer user problems => +3 headcount to build out the DevX product domain in 2022 => +10 more headcount in 2023
[2 years Consultant @ A.T. Kearney] Management consulting experience in strategy, due diligence, and operations strategy.
Worked closely with a leading Australian telco for 2 years, working on their most strategic projects (vendor due diligence for $5B tower portfolio, multi-year 5G rollout strategy, and franchise commissions negotiation strategy)
[Started in late-2021] Co-founded Kosen Smart Home an electronics retailer () selling everything smart home such as smart lights, doorbells, pet feeders, projects from reputable brands like Google, Amazon, SwitchBot, Garmin etc.
UNSW Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Computer Science, and Juris Doctor exchange semester at UT Austin - Hook 'em!
Other tech and start-up experiences
Retail and e-commerce experience:
Apple retail assistant at George Street: I was a “runner” who delivered products to customers. Did 20-30K steps a shift and was one of the highest performers based on deliveries per shift
Equity research analyst at Wilson’s advisory focusing on retail
Fun fact: At one point, I was one of Australia’s leading equity research analysts for Mature and Plus sized womenswear covering Noni B Limited! Two research reports I’m exceptionally proud of supporting
Noni B Limited coverage initiation (mature and plus-sized womenswear):
1.3 MB
Beacon Lighting coverage initiation:
1.4 MB
Other tech experience:
eBay Product Management Intern: eBay <> FlyBuys; eBay <> Google Home partnership. Received return offer
Offensive Security Engineer / Penetration Tester intern at EY Advanced Security Centre. Passed their offensive security and received return offer.
Platute and Tendril Care: Worked part-time at university on an education, and healthtech start-up and pitched our idea at . Prince Andrew couldn’t make it that year.
Law of the Jungle: legaltech
Protein Bread Company: food manufacturing


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