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7-Day Freelance Course 馃憢
7-Day Email Course

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Day 3

Where do I get leads from?
In Day 2, we discussed creating a lead magnet to collect emails of your prospective clients.
But, how do you promote your lead magnet and generate traffic to your landing page?

via 3 marketing channels
鈫 LinkedIn
鈫 Communities
鈫 Product Hunt

LinkedIn is the best place to promote your lead magnet because it gives you access to a large pool of potential clients.

Here鈥檚 what you can do:
Craft a concise post how the 鈥榣ead magnet鈥 helped someone
Add a call-to-action to 鈥榗omment on the post to get the 鈥渓ead magnet鈥 in their DMs鈥

This way, you trigger the algorithm by creating engagement and reach more of your target audience.

-> Communities
You're probably familiar with the idea of communities鈥攖here are plenty of them out there, and they're all about sharing thoughts and resources.

Here鈥檚 how you can get leads from communities:
Google 鈥淵ourNiche + Communities鈥 and curate a list of communities in a spreadsheet
For e.g. If you鈥檙e a content writer, search for 鈥淐ontent Writing Communities鈥
Join 5-10 of the most relevant communities
Introduce yourself and engage with the community members from day 1
After 2-3 days, craft an eye-catching post on how the 鈥渓ead magnet鈥 helped someone and post it in the community.

鈫 Product Hunt
This channel is perfect for generating traffic because it's highly visual, so people can easily see what they're interested in without having to sift through tons of content online.
Plus, Product Hunt has a robust community of users who are always looking for new resources to try out, so this channel is bound to result in lots of leads for you!
for launching on PH

Leads are critical to any marketing strategy. Without them, it's hard to sell your services. For this reason, I highly recommend that you focus on building strong on-going lead generation campaigns.

Roshan, CEO at Passionbits

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