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Product Hunt Launch Checklist

Checklist for successful product hunt launch!

1. Get Started

Set up your Product hunt account
Add awesome description to your account
Add relevant contact links to your account [Twitter and website]
Add contact links to your primary account
Prepare Product launch strategy

2. Build an audience

Look for similar products on PH
Get inspiration from successful launches on PH and take notes
Reach out to the people who upvoted or commented on similar products
Join relevant communities on Slack , Discord and other platforms.
Reply to relevant questions on forums [Reddit, Quora, Indie Hackers]
Share your MVP or product with established makers.
Create a connection database categorised into users, makers and hunters.

3. Build in public

Create a landing page of your product
Create a public roadmap
Create a waiting list for your product and collect emails.
Share your progress and keep a change log
Start a blog and write about your product
Create a Slack, Discord or other channel to talk to your users
Ask for 1:1 meetings with your target audience to share your product and get feedback.
Ask for feed-backs on all respective channels

4. Prepare for launch

Checkout and avoid direct competition.
Convince a known hunter to hunt your product.
Pick a suitable date for launch
Clear your calendar for the launch day and a day before and after (3days)
Use ** to announce early access for your launch on PH.
Prepare social media posts
Prepare announcements for communities, channels and groups
Prepare an email update for your early users
Prepare product hunt launch post and content
Update your roadmap
Update your
anding page with the latest features and social proof
Schedule your mails, social media posts and announcements
Make sure your analytics are in place to track all of that extra traffic

5. Checklist before launch

Make sure that the PH launch is at 12.01 AM PST.
Check your previously scheduled social media posts, emails and announcements are correct.
Check that your website is ready to take traffic and all links are working properly.
Check for any bugs in your product before final launch.
Make sure your analytics service is on point and working.

6. Launch day

Product live
Add the on your website
Update your social media profiles with a link to your PH post
Ask friends and team to do early up-votes and leave positive feedback on post during early hours.
Check if all scheduled automated tasks worked perfectly.
Post in your active slack groups, forums & communities
Reply to all comments on PH and emails
Tweet and retweet about your product tagging relevant people throughout day
Share your PH progress on social media in intervals throughout day
Share progress and goals on social media at the end of the day
Share progress and send a thank you note on twitter to all tools and resources you used for launch

7. The days after launch

Measure the overall metrics of product launch
Share your result with your followers/subscribers
ongratulate your competitor product (top 10 on the list)
Add your product to Product Hunt collections
Add your product as an alternative to similar products on PH
Send a "thank you" email to your email subscribers for their support.
Write a quick blog post for community platforms about your launch, share insights and add value.
Share what you learned and help other founders with their launches on PH.
Keep being active on PH, up-vote, comment and discuss.

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