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AP World History


Welcome! This Coda doc contains all of the notes of a former AP World History: Modern student. Feel free to use or share this resource as you wish, but do not copy it or pass it off as your own.
See for notes from the Ways of the World textbook chapters 1-13. Chapters 14 and 15 cover Unit 9, which has much less importance on the exam.
See for notes on how to study from the Course and Exam Description and various AP skills. The doc has notes grouped by unit.
Lastly, has links to other resources that you may find useful. The Test Resources link is an Arc folder with practice tests, study plans, and test tips.
I hope you find this useful. Good luck on your exam!

* All information is recent as of 2024. I will not be updating this page in the future. I have a life outside of a single AP history class.

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