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This is officially submitted by the last week of April 2023 or sooner, if I recall. Treat this Coda doc as in an archived state on the and pages.
Welcome to the main hub for the last performance task in our Science 10 subject in school, which happens to be digging deep into the genetics and autism (at least in the guide questions). Use the navigation menu in Coda doc to navigate around.


Seriously, are you autistic all along?

TL;DR: Yes, but at time of making this disclosing that I’m Autistic is dangerous but lately I’m still in the works to be comfortable with my Autistic identity.
I’m nervous (and also anxious too) disclosing this publicly due to mostly fear of discrimination (such as saying “not autistic enough” due to masking for years) and rejection senstivity, but whatever anything happens after the disclosure and literally “leaving the closet” will be my own responsibility.

Can you tell me more about the Awesome Neurodiversity list? Where I could learn more about that awesome list project?

The Awesome Neurodiversity project is
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