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RJ Cordes

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R.J. Cordes

Consultant - Facilitator - Researcher - Writer

My name is R.J. Cordes [kɔʁde] - this is my personal site and knowledge garden.
What I Do
My work is focused on sensemaking, social systems engineering, and remote teams, and is informed by an enduring interest in complex systems. I specialize in research and project management facilitation between organizations. When organizations are in conflict, they hire an arbiter, when they're trying to cooperate, they hire an artificer [facilitator].
This Site
This site is partially intended to share and host some of my work, but those of you who already know me will recognise that this is yet another iteration of my with personal knowledge management and organization for my own edification. For those of you who don’t know me, please consider this site a perpetual and feel free to any time. *It is best viewed on desktop - some features may be limited on mobile.


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