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R.J. Cordes

Facilitator - Researcher - Writer
My name is R.J. Cordes [kɔʁde] - this is my personal site and knowledge garden.
What I Do
My work is focused on sensemaking, social and information systems engineering and requirements, and remote teams, and is informed by an enduring interest in complex systems and knowledge management. I specialize in program and project management facilitation between organizations. When organizations are in conflict, they hire an arbiter, when they're trying to cooperate, they hire an [facilitator].
Our ability to process information as a networked national / international synthetic intelligence, is prerequisite to establishing stable policy addressing any other issue, existential or otherwise. In my opinion, this human synthetic intelligence, or general information supply chain, is the most vulnerable complex threat surface of our time - we live in an information rich environment managed by antiquated institutional functions, and need new business, operational, legal, technical, and social (BOLTS) mechanisms, frameworks, and infrastructure for navigation. And, in case this has not been explicit enough in my prior work, I want to contribute to BOLTS mechanisms, frameworks, and infrastructure for navigation which preserve community/individual sovereignty, freedom of speech, and equalization of information monitoring capabilities (i.e., if a tool I contribute to might help a company analyze the expressions of people, I want to ensure that people can also use it to analyze the expressions of companies). I want to help route resources to and enable interoperability among systems and cooperation among the many incredible people that want to contribute to the development of approaches, theories, and systems related to information and knowledge management (or information logistics).
Other things I’m Interested in:
Knowledge, Data, and Narrative Information Management Across Contexts
(As interested in how a coffee shop manages inventory data as I am in how a government agency handles a program portfolio)
Mechanism Design, Narrative Structure, Worldbuilding and Scenario Development, Pedagogy, and the Psychology of Immersion in Recreational and Professional Games and Simulations
(As interested in how a small group of tabletop gamers finds immersion in an RPG as I am in helping high-reliability organizations simulate complicated scenarios)
Organizational, Crowd Sourced, and Decentralized All-Source Intelligence
Writing/Composing Music, Poetry, and Narrative Fiction
Architectural Drafting, Carpentry, and Dry-Stone Masonry
Cooking, Recipe Collection, and Experimental Culinary Archeology
Hügelkultur Gardening and Wild Farming
This Site
This site is partially intended to share and host some of my work, but those of you who already know me will recognise that this is just another iteration of my with personal knowledge management and organization for my own edification. For those of you who don’t know me, please consider this site a perpetual and feel free to any time. *It is best viewed on desktop - some features may be limited on mobile.
I’m in the process of importing materials, so the site’s content is currently inaccessible while I restructure.

Stuff I’ve published and done
Stuff I recommend looking at
Collections of stuff I recommend looking at
Stuff I want to work on (hopefully) soon

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