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AIFF Copywriter Day 1

Day 1- Copywriter

You’re reading this because you’re a part of the 5-Day Internship Program by AI For Filipinos. This internship will focus more on execution rather than accuracy. Which means that you’re not only having the opportunity to make mistakes without necessary backfire but you also have the chance to discuss with me why some of your decisions will not work or will work. It’s important we make enough mistakes so we we’ll be aware what constitutes a perfect solution. So feel free to make mistakes but with caution because we only 5 days to do all of these.
Also, you need to create an account by clicking “Sign up” in the upper right corner to submit your output.
Let’s get to work.

Task 1: Write blogs

🖼️ Description: This task aims to create 5 blogs using AI.
▶️ Action Point:
Go to the following links:
2. Create 3 blogs using the tone, length, and style of the blog in the links.
3. Find topics that are relevant and most timely in AI and use that as your topic. You can do it by:
- Go to X and search AI
- Find topics about AI that are relevant, exciting, and recent. Pick 3 topics. If you can find AI talks in Philippines, scoop it.
4. Doesn’t necessarily have to be in Taglish. English is okay.
5. Use AI to write it.
- Open
- Search the keyword of that news or topic you want to write about.
- When details come out, use this prompt “Create blog out of that topic or new”
- If the blog is too long use this prompt “Shorten this blog or news and make sure the most relevant topics and concepts are retained”.
- Repeat this process to other 2 topics.
- Submit

🎖️What is it for you? This experience will introduce you to how I make my contents. I usually edit the contents after the final draft from AI to tailor fit to my needs and plans. But for now, this experience opens to a real blog writing that’s actually gets published. Each of you will be invited as guest writers and it will not be who’s going to be tagged as author- you. So, I encourage you to make it good so you can refer to it soon for validation soon.

⏱️Deadline: Tuesday December 13, 5 PM

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