Product Pieces

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Survey Builder

User can add a new question
User can choose what type of question they’d like it to be
Open text
User can add media to their question so that the survey participant receives the media (voice note, picture, video)
Voice note
User can add the answers for the question if it is an MCQ/multi-select or media question
MCQ and Multi-select will give numbered text boxes organised vertically that can be added or subtracted from. Users can edit the MCQ text
Media (audio, pic, video) will have a plus icon in the box and allow the user to upload media to be sent
User must select which section or group the question the belongs to.
This could either be categorise the survey into different parts (e.g. Part 1, Part 2) or to relate interconnected questions to one another. The results for questions will be presented in their related groupings and categories i.e. instead of a graph appearing below the previous result, it will appear next to it.
Users can choose how they’d like the results to be presented graphically
Based on simple rules, a graph suggestion will be made. The user can choose if they’d like to
Change a bar to a pie
Percentage or tally in the bar graph
Stacked or unstacked if bar
Add 2 dimensions together
The user can add extra data points to a result graphic like:
Average (if number)
Number of respondents

User can create skip/conditional logic by specifying which question the participant goes to based on a particular MCQ answer
If participant answers MCQ “x” then they are routed to question “y”
Or if any answer variable meets some criteria (greater/less than if number, include or exclude answers from an MCQ)
Multiple users can edit questions

AI-BO Backend

Bot flow rules
Acceptance criteria for each question type
MCQ: Only respond with numbers
Media: Check correct media file is sent
Number: Only number sent
Each answer is recorded in the database
When answer acceptance criteria is met, next question routing logic is checked. Logic will direct survey participant to next question

Signup flow
User is created in DB after we receive cell number, name,

Menus and accessing different flows
Each MCQ answer points to a different flow (same logic as survey), meaning that if someone selects “income balance”, they will be directed to that flow
Can’t do survey twice

Notification template message
Specify audience to send to

Each question created by the AI-BO customer generates a variable name
Question type gets transformed and mapped into bot-builder
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