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Elmar Notes

Process Flow (start-to-end)

Coda: capture client details (manual)
Coda: capture audience specification (manual)
Coda: capture pricing agreement (manual)
Coda: capture form specification (manual)
Landbot: Use the (client-approved) form specification outlined in Coda and build it into a WhatsApp-bot survey (manual)
Landbot/Google Sheets: Map answer variables into columns in Google Sheet
Landbot: Use the (client-approved) audience specification outlined in Coda to identify the target audience that is suitable (and not blacklisted) to complete the WhatsApp survey (manual)
Landbot: Send (pre-approved) WhatsApp survey invitation message to target audience. (manual selection of audience)
Landbot: When respondent accepts the survey invitation redirect respondent to the WhatsApp (bot) survey (automatic)
Landbot: Collect answers from respondent (automatic)
Google Sheets: Analyze answers for data quality and flag fraud-detection (manual)
Google Sheets: Blacklist respondents exhibiting fraudulent behavior (manual)
Landbot: Import blacklisted respondents from Google Sheet into Landbot (manual?)
(Add bad actor score to blacklisted respondents from Google sheets using Get )
Google Sheets: Download CSV of passed respondents, along with referral (cell no., cell network, amount)
@Tim Treagus
What do you use this csv for?
(tool?): Block payout for blacklisted respondents
Simcloud: Initiate payout to respondents that completed they survey by uploading CSV
(Google Data Studio): Aggregate- and de-identify answers and present in online report (manual?)
Code?: Publish survey outcome report
Google Sheets/Email: Export cleaned data for client into CSV and send to client in email
Google Data Studio: Share Data Studio dashboard with client

Respondent Acquisition (Process Flow)

An implementation of the process flow outlined above, with the goal to grow a sustainable and diverse group of active respondents that can be used to create target audiences.
Social media campaign managers (FB & Twitter): Run awareness campaigns on various platforms to get people to signup as a respondent (manual?)
Referral incentive: Respondents are incentivized to send the WhatsApp number to their network, earning ~R2 each time the referrer does a survey.
(retool): Request their cellphone number and sent them the (pre-approved) WhatsApp survey invitation to complete the onboarding survey (automatic?)

vNext Priorities

Top 3 items in the process-flow that take the most time:
WhatsApp-bot survey creation (5 hrs)
Data quality analysis, monitoring and processing
Creating data visualization dashboard in data studio
Top 3 items in the process-flow that run a high risk of errors:
Data quality analysis (4 hrs)
Multiple versions of data - risk of mismatching and misaligning data for payments, client sharing CSV and blacklisting
Setting up survey in Landbot;
Incorrect variables (omitting variables)
Incorrect mapping of variables
Incorrect conditional logic (wrong audience does survey)
Top 3 missing features that will allow us to increase product revenue:
Processing of received data: Accuracy checks, cleaning, payments - 4 hours
Optimizing above would give more time for lead generation

@Elmar De Groot

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