Product Pieces

Client Ordering System

Primary User
Can Register Company/Main account
Can view demo campaign of setting up and results
Can create Research Campaigns
Can setup research objectives and goals
Audience category - Resurvey, B2B or B2C
B2B - Role, no. employees, industry, HQ location
Survey objective type (dropdown) (
link to survey we send them)
Can choose how many survey respondents
Can choose demographic attributes of audience to send survey to
Can edit audience selection after choosing
Can create Survey within Campaigns
(See below)
Can select survey from template and edit
Can select from audience that they previously surveyed
Can create screener question with reject/accept criteria for the difference MCQ answers
Can add users / roles and assign to campaigns
Can comment on questions and tag people in survey questions
Can get a cost estimate for the survey campaign in the dashboard
Can submit the campaign for approval
Can be sent proposed changes to survey or campaign
Can resubmit campaign with changes
Can get an invoice for the amount they owe according to their order
Can view results in real time
Can mark people they want to interview by
Secondary Users (for MVPv.2 can leave out now?)
Invited by Primary User
Can create Campaigns?
Can create surveys?
Guest User? (for MVPv.2 can leave out now?)
Can request access to view results
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