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Innovation Award


2022 slogan of AhaMove is “Innovation-Driven Ahamovers”, so we should have some ways to promote innovative ideas


Innovation can be understood by a clear framework. And I suggest with 4 clear categories: Techniques, Tools, Platforms, Languages & Frameworks.
Because this framework is well known and we have already followed for 4 years.
Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 10.56.47 AM.png


3 teams: opstech, data, platform
> whole tech teams
>> ahamovers
Roles: members/candidates, judges (some tech leads), host (me)


Candidates explore innovative ideas based on Thoughtworks radar with explicit outcome: a written sharing in .
Each written sharing will get a bonus (say 100k for encouragement)
Each sharing will gain likes from others.
Each sharing will be scored based on standard criteria by selected judges (tech leads):
Comprehension: The idea must be easily understood by judges
Proof: Any MVP - Proof of Concept - Benchmark - Reference to demonstrate the idea supericy/disruption over an existing baseline is welcome
Impact: how the idea impact target users
Feasibility: how it is applicable to Ahamove

The top 30% highest scores works will be winners.
Winning writings will be: publicly posted on linkedin company, website, e-news .... and rewarded bonus
Budget 3-5mil/month


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