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Aeropage Partners



Aeropage is a product designed for dedicated builders who want a powerful tool with a short learning curve - focussed on custom building with concepts and principles rather than premade features.
Dedicated builders are typically freelancers and entrepreneurs with their own client bases and experiences - interested in diverse, passive revenue streams to supplement their service work.
The Aeropage team prefers to focus on product development rather than marketing so this program allows dedicated Aeropage users to benefit from bringing their clients to Aeropage and helping people learn and enjoy the platform through revenue sharing.
The program is limited to qualified partners to prevent irresponsible promotions, manipulation, or spam.
To allow people who might not already qualify to join we offer free training, which is also useful for those with focused experience in one field but wanting to learn others.
The training shows you how to become an expert Aeronaut and an expert marketer too.

Everything should be a win-win and leave all parties happy.


This is a partner program, not an affiliate or referral program.
You need to help and engage people not only when they have subscribed but afterward as well.
They are your clients, using our platform and we are sharing the responsibilities.

Feedback Loop

We value our partners' insights and encourage them to provide feedback on the program. This ensures the program evolves to meet their needs and the needs of their clients. Regular feedback sessions and surveys will be conducted to gather input, and partners are welcome to share their thoughts at any time. This continuous improvement helps us create a better experience for everyone involved.

Send an email to with your feedback.

Terms & Conditions

This program is new, so we keep it fairly basic for now. This is not a legal contract; at the moment, everything is based on trust. Aeropage has been around for almost five years, and there has not been a single client, customer, or partner we have had any issues with. We prefer to keep it that way.
Partners will be given a discount code for 25% off any plan.
When the code is used on a project, the partner will receive another 25% of the total plan price.
The revenue share is recurring for as long as the project is active.
Partners are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and provide ongoing support to their clients.
Aeropage reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time, with notice provided to all active partners.
Partners will have access to exclusive resources, updates, and community support to help them succeed.
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