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Working as a contractor

Working as a contractor

Working as a contractor is a new experience for many employees in our company. The reason why almost everyone works as a contractor in MatcHR is because we are a global and fully remote company. It would be nearly impossible to have legal entities in every single country that we employ and it would be very expensive 💸.. For some countries / situations we do make exemptions though.
Below we have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelancer:


You are your own boss 💪
You often pay (much) lower taxes and are able to earn more
In theory you are able to work for other projects outside of MatcHR as well. For example if you want to work on the weekend as a career coach
You are flexible to stop working for MatcHR at any time (even though we have a 1 months notice period)


You have less job ‘security’ when working as a freelancer. In theory we could stop working with you at any time by the nature of your contract. However we don’t want that and don’t intend to do that. We treat everyone as fulltime employees.
You have to do your own taxes. We try to do whatever is possible to remind you and help you not to forget and pay for any additional expenses that might occur.
You need to send us an invoice every month. Instead of receiving a payslip from us you need to send us an invoice in order to get paid.
You need to put money aside for your pension, health insurance and other benefits 🏦.

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