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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
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Time off: holidays and sick leave

Vacation days and time off

Everybody has 27 vacation days and those are yours to use wisely. During the last week of July and the last week of December we are closed and it is mandatory to take time off. This means that you still have 17 days to take a vacation. To take a vacation you need to ask your manager for permission at least 1 month prior to your holiday!
If you ask for permission later we can not guarantee that we can allow you a holiday as we need to communicate everything with our clients. We do encourage everyone to use all their days per year since there is also something besides work (even though we wouldn’t know where on earth you could have as much fun as at MatcHR).
Fill in the availability sheet to keep track of your presence. Do this always way in advance (e.g. once you have permission for your holidays you put it in the sheet. The sheet can be found on one drive under ‘team’ and then ‘availability’. If your name is not in there yet please copy paste the last line of the availability sheet in excel, fill in your own name and makes sure that everything is in green so you don’t copy paste the times off of the person you copied the sheet from. In order to fill in your availability please type in the letters in each cell:
P = present at office
R = public holiday
O = working from another location
T = travelling
H = holiday
S = sick leave
You will see that the colors change accordingly to the letter that you have filled in. If it doesn’t happen make sure you have copy pasted everything correctly.
👉 Please add your availability via this link.

Calling in sick

When you are sick. You are sick. Lock all doors and windows and do everything in your power to get better 🤒.
All jokes aside you know best when you are healthy enough to work. If you are sick inform your team in advance. Latest should be the morning of your absence. Fill in the availability sheet and send a short update at the end of the day on how you are doing. The next morning you directly inform your manager again about your status.
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