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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
General information

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Standard meetings

📚Learning presentation

Every Thursday we have a learning presentation given by one of our colleagues. The goal of the presentation is to present something that could be of interest to your colleagues. The presentation should be between 15 – 30 minutes but definitely no longer than 30 minutes. Make sure to save your presentation on one drive under “Presentations” and then “learning presentations”. To give you some inspiration look on the one drive for presentations previously given by your colleagues. We have had topics like:
Meditation session
How to do persuasive sales
The 10 rules of Burning Man and what can we learn from them
5 inspiring sport stories
How to work with different cultures
Breathing exercises
How to be a great Talent Acquisition Specialist
The agenda for when you need to present is in the Google Sheet, under the agenda of the Learning Presentation. If you are unable to present make sure to change with someone and update the GS.

🕺Daily stand up

At the beginning of each day at 11:01 Kyiv time to be precise we have our daily huddle. We always discuss the same topics:
What’s up: what are you going to do the next 24 hours which are relevant for your team members to know? Be brief and precise and only share the most important highlights.
KPI’s: how is/are your clients doing and are you on track to meet your daily target? This is also the moment to raise that you are not on track which allows us to help
Stuck: what are you stuck with right now? This can be your laptop, your client that is not cooperating, your landlord that is not responding. Anything. You are always stuck with something. If after several days you are not stuck with anything that usually means something is not in order and we need to dig deeper to understand what you are not sharing ;).

Have a read below for more info and why it's important:

😀 One on one

Every week you will have a one on one with your manager. It is very important that you decide what the agenda is. These one on ones are moments to reflect on how things are going, discuss what you are stuck with and what your manager can do to help you. Make sure you come prepared.
Please read the articles on good one on one’s on one drive under “team” and then “one on ones”. Or check out what is written under 'how to lead at MatcHR'.
As a manager make sure that the time that you have set apart in your agenda is actually free, that you are not disturbed and make sure that you are present. Also read the articles on good one on ones. They are very valuable and critical to help people grow as fast as they potentially can.

📢 Shout outs

On Friday’s we have our company shout outs at 18:00 Kyiv time. During the 'shout out' we share all the positive things that that other colleagues have done and/or achieved. From small things like helping someone with Loxo, to big things like taking over someone’s responsibilities when someone is sick or doing over 30 interviews and making several hires.
Don’t be afraid to shout several times and don’t be afraid to name things that have already been said. There is no order and the louder and messier it gets the better🍝. You will be amazed how positive everybody feels after this round.

👀 Retrospective meeting

Once a month we have our retrospective meeting. The goal of this meeting is to share your stucks, learnings and successes with the rest of the team. Everyone is divided in groups of max 6 people. The teams and team captains change every time.
Before the meeting you fill in the retrospective Google Drive form that you can find here:
During the meeting you will give advice to each persons stuck. It is important that you only do this based on your own experience. Don’t give advice that someone should do this.
As an example: “I am stuck finding PHP developers.”. A good way to advice is: “When I was stuck finding Full Stack Developers, I reached out to Marcel van der Meer, to show me how I could look at other platforms and build a different sourcing strategy. This helped me find more FS developers that I hadn’t been able to find”.

Role of the team captain

If you are the team captain of your group you are responsible for two things:
Time management. Be very strict on this. Spend a max of 3-4 minutes per person per item.
Proper way of giving feedback. Make sure that people only give feedback based on their own experience and not give advice.

🏭 Company update

On the last Friday of every month we have a company update. During the company update we discuss the highlights of the month, how we are doing financially and what the focus will be for the month that follows. You can ask any questions you may have. We want to be as transparent as possible and will tell you when things are going well and when they are not.
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