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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
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Social Buddy

Social buddy

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to dive into the processes of the company you’ve just joined, how many questions come to your head and how embarrassing it can be to try to fix everything on your own. To protect our newcomers from all these annoying and unnecessary feelings each new employee has a social buddy that gets assigned to you. It means that any time you have a question, problem, concern, difficulty or simply need a shoulder to cry on, you have a specific person for it :).

Being a social buddy:

It is your mission to make sure that your buddy feels welcome, safe to ask any kind of question and part of the team as soon as possible;
Means you are responsible for any types of problems your buddy might experience;
Have a daily check in and check out with your buddy during the first two weeks;
Help your buddy go through all the functional processes of our company and share your mistakes and lessons that you have already learned yourself;
Means answering the same questions over and over again and never getting tired of it :).

Social buddy list

Check out here who your social buddy is and make sure you schedule an introduction call on your first day with your social buddy.


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