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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
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Whenever you spend money make sure to keep the receipt and send a photo of the receipt to Maarten. If you spend over 40 Euro’s please inform Maarten or Adriaan upfront for approval. We will reimburse you for the costs with your next salary. You can find the salary table for bonuses and additional costs below:

Business trips

Before the trip

Agree (in cooperation with Adriaan) with the client on the budget for the trip. General budget guideline is that the maximum costs per person per day is EUR 50.. This includes transportation, food and beverages and other general expenses but excludes flight costs and accommodation costs
Book your flights as soon as possible, as with time prices increase. Always make sure that you get pdf invoices for your flights
Book accommodation as soon as possible as with time prices increase. Always make sure that you get pdf invoices for your accommodation. Always agree with the client which accommodation you book and where it is located
Buy a gift for our client that is typical for Ukraine, please keep the receipt if you buy it with your own bank card

During the trip

Ask for a receipt / invoice for every expense you make! If we do not have receipts / invoices we cannot expense it with our clients and have to pay for it ourselves. These are unnecessary costs which we should avoid. If receipts are missing too often we will discuss a solution with the person responsible
Keep your daily budget in mind and ensure you are not spending more than we communicated with our clients

After the trip

Make an excel overview of all your costs (an example is present on the server which includes a field for the conversion rates)
For conversion rates use or check with Maarten for the actual amounts which were paid – he can provide you with an overview
Use only one scan per line item / number in the excel. E.g. the 1 in the excel corresponds to a pdf which contains one invoice and is also called “1”
Only send the complete overview when you have received ALL receipts (including flights and accommodation)
Make sure nothing is missing / that all costs are accounted for! This is extremely important to us as explained above


Treat the money as if it is your own – trust is one of our core values hence our clients should also be able to trust us that if we spend their money we spend it wisely
Take a lot of pictures and keep us updated!

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