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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
Feedback and career development

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Recruitment career

Mission 🚀

Your mission as a recruiter is to turn candidates into hires

General information 📚

A Recruiter or Talent Acquisitions Specialist - qualifies candidates for a job opening and works to meet the demands of both the employer and the employee throughout the hiring process
At MatcHR we have split the recruitment process between “Sourcing” and “Recruiting”. Sourcers “turn people into candidates”, where recruiters “turn candidates into hires”.
We use Sourcer + Recruiter in a pair as a unit to cover the full process.

Evaluation moments 😇

Every 4 months we will do a review on your progress and whether you are still on track to make your next career step.
We base each evaluation on the competency matrix that has been created for each and every role. We don't take into account your short and long term development plan in this evaluation.
See our evaluation and competency matrix for more information.

Salary levels 💸

At MatcHR we work with fixed salary levels based on your experience and skills. We review our salary levels yearly to see whether they are still in line with our business goals and with the general market.
Sorry but the salary levels are confidential :)

Recruitment career

Talent Researcher

Mission: To gain as much knowledge as possible and start developing wide familiarity with all aspects of sourcing (Automation, Booleans, Outreaching and Profile screening)
Working fulltime with 1-2 role(s) (keyword-based positions aka Android engineer)
Source 15+ candidates daily
Increase your network from 0 to 1.000 connections
Constantly learning 5 hours/week
Followed 10 FB/LI groups about sourcing
Read 50 articles materials about sourcing
Learned how to build Boolean strings, use CSE and X-Ray on 5 resources (open to show it in the quiz and used it in 3 roles)
Write own outreach templates
Shadowed 20 interviews
Shadowed 10 client calls
Completed talent acquisition training

Junior Talent Acquisitions Specialist

Mission: Learn how to work autonomously as a Talent Acquisition Specialist
Work simultaneously with 2-3 roles
Outreach 20 candidates daily
Submit 3-4 qualified candidates per week
Increase your network from 2000+ connections on Linkedin
Conduct 15-20 interviews per week on standard roles roles
ATS is always up to date
Worked with 3+ different clients
You can utilize 5 different sourcing tools and use at least 5 of them on daily basis
You are sending 1-2 email batch campaigns per week
Closed 10 roles for our clients
Successfully completed a search from intake call to closing of the role
Interview according to structure

Talent Acquisition Specialist (Intermediate)

Mission: Autonomously work for one or more clients, create an optimal candidate and client experience while growing as an expert in Talent Acquisition
Work simultaneously on 4-8 roles
Submit 5-8 qualified candidates per week per role
Autonomously manage one or multiple clients
Report daily, weekly and monthly to our clients and use data to improve overall KPI’s
ATS is always up to date
Work in close cooperation with one or multiple sourcers for our clients

Worked with 15+ clients
You closed 20+ roles per year
You are confident with recruiting in different regions Europe, Asia, Americas etc
You are collecting your weekly data and analyze it to share feedback with our clients and internal team to improve your KPI’s and manage the client
You work closely with one or more sourcers and are in constant communication to optimize your and their work
You are able to use data to manage our clients to improve the overall hiring process

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Mission: Develop a business-oriented mindset, grow to expert level in recruitment and management.
Work simultaneously on 4-8 roles
Submit 5-8 qualified candidates per week per role
Be responsible for one or multiple clients
Report daily, weekly and monthly to our clients and use data to improve overall KPI’s
Work in close cooperation with one or multiple sourcers for our clients
Take mentorship over 1-2 junior Talent Researchers and share topics in which you are an ambassador to the team.
Create a strong personal brand on LinkedIn
The ATS is always up to date and you make sure that other team members do the same
Actively engage with new potential clients
You have closed 25+ roles in a year
Assist with the evaluation and implementation of new tools and procedures.
Full ownership of one or multiple internal projects to optimize our way of working (e.g. standardized reporting to our clients, market mapping, active content creation etc.)
Leverage data to improve efficiency, drive innovation and influence hiring decisions. You are forming monthly reports about your productivity and your team and presenting info on how to improve sourcing for clients.
You have developed yourself from a recruiter to a full business partner. Clients come to you for advice with any tech related question
You manage one or multiple jr. TA

Team Lead Talent Acquisition

Mission: Build a team of high performing individuals to provide stellar service for our clients and candidates
Be responsible for multiple clients
Be responsible for multiple Jr. / Sr. Talent Acquisitions Specialist
As a member of the Management Team, provide weekly update reports on client and team performance
Three times per year you must lead the cycle
Responsible for team structure, KPI’s, operational framework, development program and delivery to meet all of the KPI’s of our clients
Actively represents MatcHR at external events
Develops team members through regular 1-1’s coaching and training
Ensures ATS is completely up to date and that all TA’s work according to IPMERC and internal processes
Actively engage with new potential clients
Innovate and expand the company’s strategic growth
Onboard, mentor, and grow the careers of all recruitment team members
Work on specific senior roles and help to develop a strategy for them (simultaneously working with all roles in the company)
Partner with internal and external stakeholders to develop strategies, priorities and process improvements according to business demands (all clients)
Partner with sourcing team leaders to ensure the overall team understands business needs and meets hiring metrics (helping with presentation to current and potential clients)
Act as recruitment authority within the company and influence on strategic decisions
Lead at least 10+ trainings and distribute best practices to team
Seen as a thought leader in recruitment and regularly invited to webinars / events as a speaker
Actively share content / knowledge on LinkedIn

Speak at conferences
Providing custom paid consultations for high-level clients

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