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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
Before you start

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Home set up

Home office
We are a fully remote company. It is therefore important that you have a place to work that is comfortable and that you have all the necessary equipment you need to be able to work comfortably.
We have a budget allocated for your home office.
If needed we will provide you money for:
Desk 🏗️
Desk lamp 💡
Chair 🪑
Headset (if needed) 🎧
If needed we will provide money for a generator and adaptor for WiFi if your country struggles with consistent internet and power supply
A new partner 😍 (just kidding)

We expect you to be reasonable in your spending and only buy what you really need. Order everything in your home country and we will reimburse you.
Your work environment
If you work from home make sure that the following is in place:
Have a high quality camera and always have it on when you have a call or meeting
Make sure you have good sound. This can be either a microphone or a headphone. Check with your colleagues if the microphone on your laptop is sufficient (it usually creates a hollow effect and is not ideal to have a good conversation)
Have good light so people can actually see you
Have your camera at eye height. We love your nose but not your nostrils.
Either use a virtual background if you are in a ‘non’ professional background or make sure you have a background that doesn’t distract and looks ‘professional’. A bookshelf behind you is considered ‘professional’ your bathroom is not :)

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