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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
General information


In addition to you and our other colleagues our strongest and most important asset is ... Culture. Something that is hard to make tangible and therefore unbelievably hard to change and manage. Culture is a set of values that drives us, brings us together and is what makes MatcHR, MatcHR. We find culture so important that the cultural values are our most important hiring criteria. No matter how good you are at what you do, if you don’t fit our core values we won’t be able to work with you.
Our values are:
We work as a team both internally and externally with our clients. There is no I in team. We fail and celebrate together and we have fun together.
✌️ Flexibility
We are flexible in our way of working both internally and externally. We are a fully remote company and provide a lot of freedom, therefore, we expect you to be your own boss! With our ever changing and growing business a flexible attitude towards work and life in general will get you pretty far :).
We are willing to go the extra mile, put our clients first and like to put great results on the board. We are a bunch of positive people but when it comes to playing a game online, we are in it to win it :).
🌱 Growth
We are never done learning, curiosity is the biggest value we hire for. Skill can be taught a growth mindset can’t. We always want to learn, develop and grow as individuals a company and human beings. Growth lies outside of your comfort zone so expect to feel a little bit uncomfortable most of the time ;).
Thank god! We also like to have fun 😊.

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