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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
Feedback and career development

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30/60/90 day plan

30/60/90 day plan

In your first two weeks we will go through your own 30/60/90 day plan. Your 30/60/90 day plan consist out of the KPI’s below and is adjusted to fit your personal goals. We ask more experienced hires to make their 30/60/90 day plan as a round in their application process. We use this as a start to create the 30/60/90 day plan. For less experienced hires we already have a 30/60/90 day which we will adjust on a monthly basis.
Business – where do you need to be at the end of the month. For example source 50 candidates for client X
Client – Understand what the role of the client is exactly
Operation – pitch what MatcHR does
Team – organize a team event
Personal development– based on your ST dev. Plan. For example be more analytical and improve your own performance based on your own recruitment funnel

If your manager hasn’t invited you to discuss the 30/60/90 day plan in your first 2 weeks make sure to proactively invite him/her to do so (and wake him/her up!). Same goes for the evaluation moment. Don’t forget to provide feedback as well and come prepared.

You can find template to create your own Plan here:

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