The Homework Nag Eliminator For Students & Parents Template

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Introduction & Purpose

The Homework Nag Eliminator For Students & Parents

👋 Hi! I’m glad you are here. This doc is a prototype version and is still a work-in-progress. If you have any questions about the doc or would like to provide feedback for how I can make the doc better please send me an email at . I used this doc when my three kids were doing at-home learning during the pandemic. It really helped me stay organized and on top of what we needed to do. This doc provides a vehicle whereby students can manage all of their school-related tasks in one place. Parents are able to view the as well as all in one place without having to nag their child for the information.
When it comes to staying on top of schoolwork, one of the biggest challenges (for both students and parents alike) are the many apps one needs to manage. This Coda doc is designed to simplify a student’s school life by helping them consolidate all of their school-related information into one platform.
Below is an overview of a typical student’s workflow before and after implementing the “All-In-One School Platform For Students” Coda doc.

Apps a student uses Before and After



See Courses & Syllabuses

School Learning Platform
School Grading Platform

Check Schedule & Events

School website → calendar
Grading Platform → schedule
Learning Platform → assignments

View Teacher Slides or Video

Learning Platform login
Google Drive login
Google Slides or
Adobe PDF or
YouTube to watch a video

Check Grades

Grading Platform

Take Notes

Paper Notebook
Apple Notes App
Laptop or iPad
Notetaking app Evernote
Notetaking app Microsoft One Note

Do & Submit Assignments

Google Drive Login
Create a Google Doc or
Google Slides
Learning Platform Login to submit
Email teacher with follow up

Study notes for Quiz/Test

Quizlet study app
Notetaking app Evernote
Notetaking app Microsoft One Note

Now that you see how the All-In-One-School-Platform can reduce the number of apps you use, take a look at the

Ways This Doc Can Simplify Your School Life

Add as many courses as you need.
The Doc is set up with 1 course. You can add more!

Always know where you are on your learning path.
The is linked to the .

Class Materials

Consolidate class materials into one location including:
Videos... take notes while you are watching the video.
Reading... consolidate Kindle highlights.
Audiobooks... take notes while you listen.

See all school event types e.g.
In Person Class
Zoom Class
Office Hours
Group Project Meeting


Make your notes
fun &
Shakespeare’s “thees” & “thous” got you down? Watch the
movie instead.
Impress your foreign language classmates with practice exercises using Google Translate →

Save time making those vocabulary cards in the section.
Coda’s Wikipedia Pack will automatically populate your vocabulary cards with images & highlights.

Your dog won’t eat this homework! Since your assignments are linked to the calendar you won’t miss a due date.
Discussion Post
Group Project

No more “is this on the test?” questions.
Always know what quizzes and tests are coming up as well as what topics will be covered.

Didn’t like your test grade?
Know which quizzes or tests you need to ask for a re-take?
Your dashboard will automatically appear:
green if it is 90+
yellow if it is 80 - 89
orange if it is 70 - 79
red if it is 0 - 69

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