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a suite of simple tools for ingesting, cataloguing and viewing images
Free of use, if you improve it, share it back please (-:
Mini Guide
Drag and Drop images in your bucket
Load the bucket into the catalogue, tag and rate the images (detail view suggested)
Explore the images in grid mode

🍀 Features and known Issues 🍅

🍀 automatic entries in the catalogue from the images in the bucket
🍀 mass tagging option to save some time
🍀 fast loading of the bucket into catalogue: during the loading process heavy formulas are unlinked to avoid them to re-evaluate each time a new row is being created
🍀 Files are double referenced: every entry in the catalogue has its own reference to the uploaded file on the server (→ you can clear your buckets once loaded into the catalogue, without the risk of losing the files in the catalogue and deleting them from the server)
🍀 Fast search by tag: the text for the display column has this structure: "filaname.jpg , tag1, tag2, ..." , so that you can search by both tags and filename ( in Detail View).
🍀 Bucket has changed? This hidden column tells you if the bucket of origin has changed
🍅 Slow delete: the button clear catalogue is slower than selecting and deleting the rows manually.
🍅 Bucket-only workflow to load new images in the catalogue. Atm you can manually create a new row and upload a new file, BUT the system is not able to generate the thumbnail for the Grid View
🍀 Don't get lost: mouse over the thumbnail triggers a popup with tags and a link to open the entry in detail view
🍀 Thumbnail size scroller to adjust the format
🍀 Popular tags menu for fast filtering (add or del rows for how many pop tags you want)
🍀 Filtering by rating and tag, + reset button.
🍅🍅 NO global lightbox: every thumbnail triggers an indipendent lightbox: there are no side arrows
to go to the next image and there is no menu-gallery at the bottom.
🍅🍅 Slow render. No progressive loading of the thumbnails (because they are all loaded in the same cell??)
🍅🍅 Filtering code in grid table is too messy: the code for the column "Final Filter by up to ratings" is a hell of nested conditionals. Very hard to work with. What can help: a larger editor and "disable if" property for columns and table, like for buttons.
🍅 Refresh grid: sometime the ratings filter selector doesn't pick your choice and the grid won't update. In which case you need to hit the refresh grid button to apply the new ratings filter.
🍅 Circular Frame around each image. It can be nice, but it can be a waste of space too.
🍅 Grid view unusuable on mobile. Displaying errors in grid view. 😞
🍅 Some unneccessary neccessary added computation: image() function let you link a scroller for dynamic thumbnail size, but the function works only with urls, and not with uploaded files. It means that we need to extrapolate the url from the file with parseJSON() first and then need one more column to store it. I don't know, all this might add a bit of lag to the system?

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