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MASTERY PEAK-| 20 billion+ Peck XP| The Master of all the Pecks

Master Hacker - Copy other pecks powers but not the masters - billion+ Peck XP-

Normal Pecks:

Invisible Peck - This pecks powers is to be invisible so other pecks can鈥檛 see him only the master can see him - 6 billion+ Peck XP

Sneaky Peck - He loves to sneak and attacks the pecks! - 2 billion+ XP

Peak Peck - An cute icy chicken -1.5 billion XP

Pyro Peck - An cute fire chicken friend with fire power - 1 billion Peck XP
Ai Robot - 1 million Peck XPNote: If you behave & battling yourself you will get more peck xp.

PowerPecks+: Locations to Travel 鈥The Statue of Peckerity [BEST] -

PowerVechicles: PECKOTA | Pyromane鈥檚 Car [BEST] - Car is able to fly and go fast and go crazy! -

PECKSHIP- Pyro Peck鈥檚 Spaceship - It can fly but not drive 鈥PECKET -Peak Peck鈥檚 Rocket - It can go all the way to Peck Space.

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