Procurement & Legal

Contracts and legals

What contracts and legal would procurement want?
The procurement team in an enterprise company would typically want contracts and legal agreements that protect the organisation’s interests and minimise risk. Here are a few examples of the types of contracts and legal agreements that procurement might be concerned with:

Software license agreements

A software license agreement outlines the terms under which the organisation can use the software. This may include the duration of the license, the number of users allowed, and any restrictions on the use of the software.

Service-level agreements (SLAs)

A service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract between the organisation and the software vendor outlining the level of service the vendor is expected to provide. This may include uptime guarantees, response times for support requests, and penalties for failure to meet the agreed-upon service levels.

Master services agreements (MSAs)

A master services agreement (MSA) is a long-term contract that outlines the general terms and conditions under which the organisation will purchase software and other services from a vendor. This may include payment terms, confidentiality provisions, and dispute resolution provisions.

Data protection agreements

If the software being purchased involves the collection, storage, or processing of personal data, the procurement team may be concerned with data protection agreements that outline how the data will
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