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4-Steps to an Automated Newsletter

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How This Doc Works

Get ready to have a lot more time put back into your day. Say goodbye to the menial tasks of managing how and when to send newsletters that appear personalized to your subscriber base. This tool will help automate all of that for you.
But first, there are a couple of things you need to set-up. After a few simple steps, you’ll be on the path to generating passive income and powering your business with an automated newsletter system.

Create your templates

To create the standardized email signature and welcome email that new subscribers will receive, click the buttons on .

Create Your Tags

Writing about the topics your audience cares about, and making sure that they only receive newsletter editions about those topics, has never been easier.
First, create the tags of topics your audience is interested in reading about and you will be writing about using the Name columns in the table
It is pre-populated with Real Estate topics now. You can overwrite them by clicking into the cell and beginning to type

Import Existing Subscribers

Tag subscribers based on what topic they are most interested in reading about. Once you add the tag, they will show up in the table

Write newsletters

You’re nearly there! Next, all you need to do is start writing and scheduling the newsletters to send out to your audience
To do so, navigate to . There, you can edit the placeholder newsletters by clicking the ✏️ button in the Edit Newsletter Column in
Newsletters are sent at 9:00 am MDT of the indicated Schedule Send Date. To change this in your doc,
navigate to ⚙️ in the upper right hand corner
select Automations
select the Send Newsletter automation
in the When section, change the time to what you desire
Going forward, you can write new newsletters by clicking the Write a new newsletter button on the same page


You may want to check in on your automated system from time to time.
When you do, check in on the homepage to see what newsletters have been sent recently, how many subscribers it was sent to, and your calendar for upcoming newsletter distributions.

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