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Pangea Overview

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Pangea Overview

Hey there 🙌

Welcome to Pangea - a modern contract-to-hire platform revolutionizing the way companies hire early-career talent.
Our goal is to make contract-to-hire the standard hiring method, eliminating the need for staffing agencies and their associated conversion fees.

Why contract-to-hire is the way to go:

Offers flexibility: Employers can assess the fit of the employee before making a permanent decision, while employees can determine if they want to pursue a full-time role at the company.
Reduces risk: If the employee doesn't work out, employers can end the contract without incurring the cost and hassle of a traditional termination.
Provides an opportunity to showcase skills: A contract-to-hire period allows employees to demonstrate their abilities and build relationships with the company and colleagues.
Leads to a potential direct-hire offer: If both parties are satisfied, the contract-to-hire period can result in a direct-hire offer and permanent position.

At Pangea, we concentrate on early-career talent (0-5 years of experience) who bring:

Fresh ideas and perspectives: Early-career professionals can provide new and creative solutions to problems.
Adaptability and eagerness to learn: They are often ready to learn new skills and tackle new challenges, making them a great fit for fast-paced environments.
Digital savviness: Younger generations tend to have a strong understanding of technology and digital tools, which is an advantage in many industries.
Cost-effectiveness: Hiring early-career talent is usually more budget-friendly than hiring more experienced professionals, as they typically command lower salaries and benefits.
Long-term potential: Investing in the development of early-career talent can create a strong pipeline of future leaders and a more stable workforce.

About Pangea 🏝️

Pangea is built by alumni from top universities, including Brown, RISD, JWU, Bryant, Northeastern, Fordham, SUNY Albany, Full Sail, and Penn, with a vision to revolutionize the way companies tap into and build trust in early-career talent.
Comprised of 75% engineers, designers, and PMs, our technical expertise drives our focus on self-service features that streamline the contract-to-hire process without intermediaries.
Starting in Rhode Island, our team is now 100% remote and has received support from world-class investors, including Y Combinator in Silicon Valley.
Pangea originally began as a college talent platform, but now primarily serves recent graduates and emerging professionals with experience in startups or big tech.

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