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See for more background and context on the Institute.
This page shows the coming activities in the next 7 days, and information on all active projects.
Feel free to drop in to any of these whenever it works for you — see the table for information on how to get involved with each project.
See for more information on proposing or measuring projects of your own.
Also see the , and pages if you want to engage in a more structured way.
These events can be , and seen in the Events section.
Email if you have questions about the activities or Institute
Open Participation Events in next week
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Event name
2024-02-28 16-17 UTC
Action Research on Collective Foraging (Negotiation Affordances) ~ Active Inference Institute
2024-02-29 14-15 UTC
RxInfer.jl @ Active Inference Institute
2024-03-01 18-19 UTC
Weekly Open Hour ~ Active Inference Institute
2024-03-04 14-15 UTC
Textbook Group (Cohort 6) ~ Active Inference
All information at the .
2024-03-04 15-16 UTC
Audio-Visual Production ~ Open Meeting & Co-Working
All development and notes are in the
2024-03-04 16-17 UTC
Active Blockference ~ Open Meeting & Co-Working
2024-03-04 23-00 UTC
Textbook Group (Cohort 5) ~ Active Inference
All information at the .
2024-03-04 23-00 UTC
Active Inference Ontology ~ Open Meeting & Co-Working
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Active Projects at Active Inference Institute
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Organizational Unit
Type of project
Project title
Mission & Objectives
Examples of work
Open to participation?
Synchronous meetings
Active Inference Ontology
Maintain, improve, elaborate, extend, translate, educate, document, and apply the Active Inference Ontology as core infrastructure for the Active Inference Institute & Ecosystem.
Yes. All are welcome to join our meetings in Discord, and to check out the channel for the project.
Tuesdays at 0 UTC () in .
Daniel Friedman
Production (Audio-Visual Production at the Active Inference Institute)
Produce accessible, rigorous, informative (epistemic value) and useful (pragmatic value) audio-visual content, for example through Livestreams, Podcasts, and other formats.
Yes. All are welcome to join our meetings in Discord, and to check out the channel for the project.
Mondays at 15 UTC () in .
Daniel Friedman
Textbook Group (Parr, Pezzulo, Friston 2022)
Improve the accessibility, rigor, applicability, and impact of the by Parr, Pezzulo, and Friston.
4.5 completed cohorts since 2022 (see
Yes. Anyone interested to join the textbook group can
Mondays at 14 & 23 UTC ( to be added to calendar event)
Daniel Friedman
Active Inference Journal
To develop evolving hybrid (AI+people) project architecture and enabling volunteers team
See the
Yes, especially Developers and people interested in voice processing (speech to text)
To be updated
Alex Vyatkin
Fundamentals of Active Inference
Assist Sanjeev in creating the best possible Fundamentals of Active Inference book(s)!
See from the 2023 Applied Active Inference Symposium.
Yes. this group is open to all learners. To register, and email with any questions.
Weekly recorded meetings, on Zoom Thursdays at 21 UTC.
Daniel Friedman & Sanjeev Namjoshi
Action Research on Collective Foraging (Negotiation Affordances)
To enable work to be perceived as a collective healing practice
Yes. this group is open to all learners.
Wednesdays at 16 UTC in Discord
Susan Hasty
Discord or
Froebel's System
I am studying under Dr. Matthew Segall at the California Institute of Integral Studies to be able to recognize the philosophical principals Froebel was influenced by. I have joined the 12 week xAPI Spring 2024 cohort to capture data related to Froebel's first gift, the sphere. As a first step, I would like to use xAPI and a few Learning Record Stores to capture and analyze data gathered from ball play. I would like to use the as an initial QRF for prototyping purposes. Eventually all of Froebel's Gifts and Occupations will be analyzed and the research shared.
Yes, open for collaboration — Especially looking for skills in active inference and spatial web technologies.
Meetings to be determined.
Joanne Phillips
RxInfer.jl learning and development group
Learn and apply RxInfer.jl in 2024 — building out multiscale selves and capacities for generative modeling.
Yes. Everyone interested in working with Active Inference, Julia, and RxInfer.jl is welcome.
Thursdays at 14 UTC in .
Daniel Friedman
Knowledge Engineering
This project seeks to alleviate the information burden in the Active Inference Institute & Ecosystem through information curation, organization, and condensation- i.e. providing summaries of institute productions (courses, livestreams, etc), enhancing the CRM, etc
and from end of 2022
Yes. Anyone curious or knowledgeable about knowledge engineering & automations- people can attend the weekly meetings or reach out to me to schedule a better time for synchronous work
To be updated
Bleu Knight
Active Blockference
We are applying Active Inference by building capacities & creating examples of generative models.
, , video
Yes. Everyone interested in working with Active Inference, of any level of familiarity with the formalism/application, is welcome to join.
Mondays at 16 UTC in .
Daniel Friedman
Symbolic cognitive robotics
Explore the joint problem space of “symbolic active inference”, “societies of mind” and “mortal computing”, with an emphasis on unsupervised learning.
Yes, including Prolog and Elixir programmers and anyone with an interest in symbolic machine learning or applied epistemology.
Occasional discussions and presentations in .
Jean-François Cloutier
Discord - @jfcloutier,
Active Inference Account of Belief Updating in PTSD
Write a theoretical paper in the style of Parr et al. chapter 6
Yes for those with interest in social science, and those that research ActInf and psychopathology.
As needed.
Jeremy Cooper
M-Theory as Function of Hyper Dimensional Prismatic Light Scattering -Tensile Amorphous Active Residual Sentience "HDPLS-TARS": Postulate of Hyper Dimensional Field Interconnections
To test the limits of the current early stage proposal, it’s errors and fallacies that exist, provide a comprehensive discourse to further delineate the problem areas in logical fallacy that exist in the proposal as well as addressing the possibilities for further research in areas that have solid ground for further extrapolation and rigorous testing, creating new functional approaches mathematically through linguistic and other experiential inference. Apply sound logic utilizing current domain expertise and intrinsic and intuitive experiential knowledge as well as extrapolating other abstract approaches which may shed light on other approaches not yet thought of.
Yes, anyone who wishes to engage
As needed.
David James Hughes
Humanity’s Story of an Uncertain Self
Producing an academic paper or blog that contains a set of equations, computer simulations, and ultimately a framework that explains the core components of humanity’s sociological-narrative framework. Specifically, breaking down a few pieces of say, ancient epics, along with an set of economic and civic institutions, would allow us to model to simulate, predict, and give mastery over the otherwise seemingly intractable world of humanity’s cultural niche.
~ Shagor Rahman: "Myth of objectivity and the origin of symbols"
Yes, especially with interests in: statistical programing (R/Python/etc.), psychology, sociology humanities (English, Religion, Classical, etc.), Mathematics, Economics
To be updated
Shagor (Shaggy) Rahman
From Instrument to Intelligent Agent: Deploying Robotic Microscopy and Al to Manage Soil Biology at Scale
Turn a microscope into an intelligent agent by implementing active inference ML, build mortal computer out of soil biology/IA.
To be updated
Craig Arnold

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