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First Responder Program
Andrew County Ambulance District would like to take this opportunity to thank the men and women of the community who take time away from their families to help their fellow citizens.
What is a First Responder?
The general term for First Responder is anyone who assists in the process of helping others when there is an emergency.
What is an Andrew County Ambulance District First Responder?
To help the citizens of Andrew County, the First Responder Program is divided into two distinct areas.
The North part of the county is covered by Fire Department First Responders. The men and women of the Bolckow Fire Department, Fillmore Fire Department, and the Rosendale Fire Department make up this team of volunteer.
The South part of the county is covered by Ambulance District First Responders. These are made of volunteers in the community. Some may be firemen, police, nurses, other health professionals and even your fellow neighbors.
How do I become a First Responder?
If you live in the coverage area of the participating First Responder Fire Departments of the North, simply visit with them and join their department. They are always looking for good volunteers for their departments.
If you are in the south part of the county follow to learn more about Ambulance District First Responders.

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