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About this template


Why did you decide to choose this use case
I needed a space to help me kickstart my research for a startup idea I’ve been putting off. The purpose of the document is to help other early stage founders, with this same problem, make progress faster.

How will this template help with your work day? 💼
How does it save you time? ⌛
AI summary blocks will attempt to summarize parts of the idea including market analysis, elevator pitch as well as other key insights where included.
Start putting down startup and business ideas faster.
When it comes to locating the resources you have found from online sources to local files, you can collect them in the notes and resource page.
How does it make it easier to accomplish a task or a goal? 🥅
the AI blocks have pre-written prompts focused on evaluating ideas from your notes and other pages. It really ties the whole thing together so you don’t have to look back through several clicks to conceptualize the document.
Keep your resources and related content in rightful pages and workspaces. It’s much easier to focus on interconnected items at a go.
Does it make work more fun? 🕹️
While it is hard to anticipate whether this will make the startup evaluation process more fun, it is intended help users to avoid the more tedious process of organizing their workspaces for their ideas. This template aims to steer startup founders, entrepreneurs and professionals to work that is more rewarding, bringing their ideas closer to reality.

How does this template work?
🧰 The product development tools provide users with access to tech, design, business, and finance resources to create their startup.
🔍 The tool shelf contains a variety of software, hardware, books, videos, and websites to help users evaluate their startup idea, optimize their budget, and differentiate themselves from competitors.
💼 The combination of these resources helps users accomplish the goals of the Startup Lab document, which includes evaluating startup ideas, generating excitement, growing the business, targeting various customer segments, and tracking key metrics.

How do you want others to use this template? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
I want people to customise the template to their specific startup ideas. I believe people from all backgrounds including: startup founders, private employees and individuals interested in entrepreneurship can benefit from using this template to conduct research.
Anything else you want us to know about this template? 🥑
This template was inspired by my use of other workspace productivity tools and my experience developing startup ideas for hackathons.


🗒️ Intro

I’ve been putting off starting a digital twin project for a startup prototype. It involves some technical skills that I need to research and learn, so I came up with this idea to build a startup idea valuation workspace with coda, leveraging it’s AI blocks and columns. There are also functions, buttons, tables, timelines, calendars, AI and much more. I’ve been learning how to use it for a few days now so continue reading below to find out more about this research template.


A weather and clock widget
A Profile table where you can add name and type of startup
An customisable Progress bar that references your Dailies activity list
An AI block of an elevator pitch, summarising insights from “build your deck” pages

📄Build your deck

Pages covering aspects of the startup ideation process geared towards helping users build outlines for their pitch decks

📐 Geeting things done

Journal: A pmodoro timer, work playlist and note taking board. 🗒️
Dailies: A to do tracker for daily progress updates. Progress will appear in the dashboard progress bar. 📆
Resource: Store sources of information including websites, images, books, e.t.c. 📚

💫Copy this doc

To copy this document, click the button at the top left of the dashboard or the top right of your browser.

Guide to using formulas

For the Later output below, copy the function below to a formula input to see how it works. You can add any number other than 10 to see how it affects the results. If it is True, the output will say "This week", when it is less than 7 days.
If(Days(Now() + 10) < 7, "This week", "Later")

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