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Get Well Soon, Kat!

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Get Well Soon, Kat

Bhavya Rajan

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Speedy Recovery.jpeg
Kat, sending you so much love and all of the positive healing vibes for a straightforward and speedy recovery. You’ve got this! Rest up and get well soon! We can’t wait to have you back. <3
Abby Newman
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Kat, Wishing you the very best for your operation and a speedy recovery! We’re sending you lots of positive and healing thoughts!
Britta Aden-Buie
Speedy Recovery.jpeg
Kat!! I hope the surgery + recovery goes well! We miss you here on the team and can’t wait for you to come back!
Michelle Bishop
get well soon.jfif
Get well soon, Kat! We’ve missed having you here and hope you have a smooth and sound recovery. P.S. I’m looking forward to learning sign language with you.
Jay Tanji
get well soon.jfif
Hi Kat! You got this! Sending God Hope you have a speed recovery! We all miss you on the Catalog Team! - Eric
Speedy Recovery.jpeg
Hoping everything goes well and an easy recovery!
Sam Melnick
Speedy Recovery.jpeg
Sending thoughts and prayers your way, Kat!! Good luck Wednesday! Take all the time you need to get back to 100%! ❤️
Kaitie Connolly
get well soon.jfif
Kat, sending you strength and well wishes for a speedy recovery! 🫶 💐
Ana Infante Martinez
get well soon.jfif
Kat - I’m thinking of you during this difficult time. My prayer is that you find strength of body and peace of mind during and after your surgery. Wishing you well. - Dustin
Dustin Sheffield
Speedy Recovery.jpeg
Hey Kat! Wishing you a speedy recovery. We can’t wait to have you back with us! :)
Jyoti Dubey
Beena Brucil
get well soon.jfif
Arunima Bhattacharjee
Hey Kat! Sending you lots of positive vibes. Good luck with the surgery and get well soon. Can't wait to see!! >3
Arti Kanojia
Speedy Recovery.jpeg
Hi Kat! Wishing you all the best for the surgery and hoping for a speedy recovery❤ Take good care and we’ll be waiting for you to be back:) Sending love and heartfelt prayers❤
Ansha Balwant
getwell soon bear.jpg
Kat, you are so strong and I’m confident that you’ll get through this like a champ! Sending so much love, healing and warm hugs ❤
Merlin Chacko
get well soon.jfif
Vagmika Mahna
Speedy Recovery.jpeg
Kat! Can’t wait to have you and your functioning neck back with us soon!!
Anna Gerber
Speedy Recovery.jpeg
Hey Kat! Sending you lots of positive vibes and wishing you all the best for your surgery! Hope you have a quick recovery ❤
Rhea Sharma
Wishing you a fast recovery! Stay strong, you have a whole team wishing you nothing but the best. <3
Courtney Palms
getwell soon bear.jpg
Hey Kat! Sending lots of love and hugs your way. You'll be feeling healthy and strong again soon! My wishes are with you dear friend!
Shivangi Ojha
Hey Kat! Sending lots of strength and positivity your way. Hope you have a speedy recovery. <3
Tripti Chawla
purple and yellow roses
get well soon.jfif
Kat, I know that you are so strong that you will recover soon enough to be back working with us in no time. Sending lots of love, positivity and health your way.
Bhavya Rajan
Virender Pal Singh

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