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Life Makeover — Suits Catalogue

Archived on May 19, 2024
This catalogue will no longer receive no further updates, but you’re welcome to browse the archives below.


Any suits that are only available for specific period of time.
Event Pavilion Suits & Limited Ally Cards
Fashion Codes
Timed Welfare Events
Suits that are either always available as long as you met certain criteria, or once they release stick around indefinitely.
All Crafting Suits
Fashion Battle Arena & Endorsement Queen
Permanently Available Milestone Welfares (Exhibition & Level Gifts)
All Free Currency Exchange Sets
All Permanent Lightchase Sets
Top-Up / VIP Suits
Permanently Available Ally Cards
NPC collectable battle cards.
Quick reference of the available Ally Cards that also pipes over to the two above hubs to include the cards that come around in Events/Lightchase or through Crafting/Gameplay/VIP Level.
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