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Chris Caruso

Software I Design I Content I Search Engine Optimization

Design, Build, Scale

A generalist who uses technology as a means to an end. I am an experienced software engineer by trade, B.B.A by education, and problem solver at heart.
I’ve worked in key roles across organizational sizes and structures. From designing and implementing business ACH transfers at scale at Fortune 500s, implementing core business logic and authentication at 100 personal start-ups, and running two solopreneur ventures on my own, I understand what solutions are needed across contexts and industries.
While I have mastered the principles that enable software at scale, I understand that a user experience can be designed in a single moment. I am relentless in crafting delightful experiences for every consumer, every time.

Espresso Setup Builder (24)

The World’s Best Espresso Resource

Espresso Setup Builder connects coffee lovers with espresso machines, grinders, accessories, and roasters. ESB is the first resource that combines high-quality content and interactive tooling with integrated data capture for first-of-its-kind data aggregation and market analysis.

3-Month Launch Summary
175,000 Page Views
30,000+ Unique Users
15% Affiliate Conversion
25% Survey Conversion

Operati Prototype (23)

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 11.03.20 AM.png

People. Process. Evidence.

Operati is a first-of-its-kind software to re-invent how you view your organization. Operati puts people, processes, and evidence in one dynamic display.

View the full prototype @

Operati Stack
Angular 17 Javascrip + HTML Application
Tailwind and Custom CSS
Mobile Optimizing Landing Page

dbt Labs (23)

Data Transformation & identity

Software-as-a-service platform and security engineer focused on core web app design, functionality, and identity.
Designed relationship-based access controls for complex account management and permissions. Implemented full-stack solutions using Python (Django), Golang, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

Identity Engineer
Implemented SSO based auth
Designed adoption of Auth0
Handled 100,000+ requests per week
Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 11.11.38 AM.png

Groovy Mountain Prints (22)


3D-Printed Fine Art

Designed and launched Groovy Mountain Prints, a boutique 3D-printed fine art company. Stood up a fully functioning online store, marketed in Norther Colorado markets, and grew business to profitability within 6 months.

Groovy Mountain Ops
Shopify Market with 100+ SKUs
Active in 10+ Farmers Markets
Features in 12+ Retails Locations
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