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About this doc

Are you also tired of not finding that page with that awesome recipe, fear not, this will help you if you're willing to put some energy into it.
To use this doc you go to the page and start adding recipes. The ingredients are stored in a table so you can use them in multiple recipes and later filter on it. If you want you can add pictures to your recipe as well as a description or comments that goes with the recipe. If you found the recipe online you can add the link to it there so you can go back to the source if you need to.
All the recipes also have a multiplier field that you can use to multiply the original recipe if you need to make less or more. So if the original is for 4 persons but you want to make it for 2 you just set the multiplier to 0.5 for that recipe.
The units used are metric and in Norwegian, if you want to change the units just update them in the table.
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