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ORIGINAL - 10 Things That Kill Your Website Conversion And How To Fix Them

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How To Communicate Your Value So It's Impossible To Ignore

⚠️ Cause: When companies forget to mention valuable benefits, or visitors learn about the benefits and still don’t take action.
💊 Rx: Communicate both the features and benefits of your offer and what’s in store after they hit the buy button.

Let’s cut through the noise. There’s a ton of chatter out there from marketing experts about whether you should be selling with features or benefits. The truth? More often than not, you gotta serve up both.

Not Just Features: Connecting The Dots To Your Benefits

That whole ‘benefits over features’ thing came from buyers not being able to connect the dots between what your thing does and how it will help their lives, so the buyer thinks, “So what?”

For example, people looking to buy an Apple watch might discover that a particular watch has cellular connectivity. However, the buyers may not understand how cellular connectivity would be useful. They would appreciate an explanation of how cellular connectivity would allow them to make and receive phone calls without their iPhone being within reach.

Sometimes, the benefits are obvious, like knowing a naturopathic consultation isn't just a chat; it’s a personalized roadmap to wellness. But don't skip on spelling it out because an explicit mention of that benefit will still psychologically take them there.

How To Back Up Your Biggest Claims

Talking about features without spelling out the benefits? That's a waste of time. Imagine a laptop company going all out with, "Store endless files with us!" Yet, they leave you guessing about the hard drive capacity. Result? Potential customers bounce off faster than you can say "storage."

On the other hand, throwing around benefits without tangible proof falls flat. We've all been there, hearing lofty claims like "This will revolutionize your life," but where's the evidence? Without receipts, these promises float away, unanchored and unconvincing.

The real magic happens when product benefits are not stated but proven with solid features. It's one thing to claim "Fillers and Botox are the safest procedures,” but what people crave is the who and the how. Who's the expert performing this filler? How many successful procedures back up that claim of safety? Without these details, assurances feel hollow.

One caveat: you may want to leave out features when a benefit is crystal clear or when there’s a stronger way to prove your point. For example, with fitness videos – celebrity endorsements or transformative before and after images are what get people to click ‘buy,’ not the video itself.

Clarifying the Confusion: Navigating Wellness Product Descriptions

In the world of wellness, communicating the value of your products and services can be tricky. The challenge for Practitioners and Small Business owners running these websites is that they don't realize there is a problem. It often goes unnoticed when visitors remain silent or simply say, "I'm still looking around," instead of admitting confusion.

The best way to figure out if your benefits aren't clear is by doing user testing - where you observe users as they interact with your website. The key is to look for clues like a puzzled expression, a lack of questions, or any reasons for hesitation. These are the red flags indicating that your message isn’t as clear as it could be.

Having unclear descriptions on your website is a sure way to kill conversions. However, recognizing these signs of confusion is the first step towards a breakthrough. By clearing the fog to make benefits unmistakably clear, you're not just improving clarity—you're setting the stage for a winning website.

Don't Miss Out: Highlight Every Unique Benefit

Overlooking the standout features of your product is easier than you think. Imagine not highlighting that your latest smartphone comes with a revolutionary charger - that's a missed opportunity right there, and you could be missing out on a lot of sales.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Action Step:

So, what's the trick to keeping on track? List every feature you bring to the table that your competitors don’t. For example, if you’re a practitioner maybe it's your unique combination of skills and experience that sets you apart.

In the second column of your chart, titled "value and proof," list the reasons why people might care about each of your features. These should be fact-based. Avoid making claims like “people enjoy our friendly service.” Your opinion of your value doesn’t count as proof.

After you’ve charted your features and benefits, take a good look at your website, ads, and social media to ensure all of your benefits, especially your strongest differentiators, are included in your marketing materials.

And don't forget the most important thing you can do is ask for customer feedback. Asking your buyers why they chose your product can reveal what truly resonates with them. Make sure this insight is front and center in your marketing efforts.

Unique Attributes & Value Inventory
Features (Capabilities)
Value & Proof
Captured on Website?
Captured on IG, FB, Likedin, TikTok
Documented in the marketing materials?
There are no rows in this table

Navigating the Post-Purchase Journey: Painting the Picture of ‘What Happens Next’:

Wellness websites often drop the ball when it comes to outlining what happens after the checkout. A generic three-step process, hardly cuts it. Customers crave clarity about their journey ahead.

The solution is to draw them a map of the future. Whether it's through a detailed flowchart, an engaging diagram, an informative video, or any tool that suits your message, show them exactly what they can expect, step by step.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 2.04.26 PM.png

The above flowchart is an example of future pacing - The buyer is told exactly the experience they will have after buying.
Get support picking the best template for your business, then place your order, set-up your account, your template is uploaded, you access the knowledge base, you customize your website, upwellery provides you support, and you launch your website.

A flowchart like this is effective because:
1. It answers questions like “If I order this product or service, what will happen next? How does it all work? What’s the process?
2. It helps your visitors imagine how amazing it'll be to have your product or service in their lives, making things better day by day.

Bottom line: When you're crafting copy, thinking about your product, or dreaming up your next big thing, remember: it's not features vs. benefits. It's features AND benefits; that’s how you make sure your customers see themselves in the story you're telling. Let’s get it!

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