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ORIGINAL - 10 Things That Kill Your Website Conversion And How To Fix Them

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How To Build Unshakeable Trust: 7 Proven Strategies to Win Over Your Audience

🚩 Cause: If Visitors don’t know you, they probably don’t trust you. No trust, no sale.
🌱Rx: Learn and implement trust signals, cred, and proof magnets like your business depends on it - because in health and wellness, it does. Do this before you even think about dropping another offer.

Ever wonder why some folks just bounce off your site without giving you a chance? It’s all about trust or the lack thereof. They’re not convinced you’re the real deal, and your website isn’t helping. You’re missing those key trust signals that prove, 'We’re awesome, and here’s why!’

Trust Matters More for Some:

In health, wellness, and finance, trust isn't just a nice-to-have; it's everything. If a customer picks the wrong Doctor, Therapist, or Bank, it could spell disaster. The right trust signals can literally flip the script from killing conversions to growing your business. The stakes are high when it comes to trust, and you’ve got to show them you’re the right choice.

Trust remedies that have proven to be effective:

Read the trust remedies below and fill out the take action section on how you can incorporate one or two of these remedies into your marketing materials right away.

Trust Remedy #1: Show Off Your Size 📣

People are all about cheering for the winner. So, showcase your size and growth, like your Facebook fan count, with clear and engaging visuals. Keep in mind there's a fine line between celebrating your success and boasting—aim to keep it authentic and approachable.

Trust Remedy #2: Leverage Reviews and Testimonials 💬

Nothing speaks louder than a crowd of happy customers. Feature a dedicated page loaded with genuine testimonials from satisfied customers. Encourage reviews by reaching out to customers directly. Visitors are persuaded by hearing success stories from people who’ve experienced your product or service firsthand.

Trust Remedy #3: Data Talks 📊

Solid evidence wins trust. Support your claims with concrete data. For instance, if you're promoting a weight loss program, provide statistics and proven results, not just promises. Another example is Skip the Dishes, which doesn't say, “We’ll be there as fast as our bikes can carry us.” They say things like “Delivered in 30 minutes- or it’s free.” If you’re saying your thing works, prove it with numbers. Here’s the data to back it up.” That’s how you get heads nodding.

Trust Remedy #4: Celebrity Endorsements - Choose Wisely 🌟

Celebrity endorsements can be a powerful tool when it comes to marketing wellness products, cosmetic services, or dietary programs. Typically, celebrities charge a fixed rate for an agreed-upon time to use their picture in your marketing. However, not all celebrity endorsements have a positive effect on conversions. It's important to ensure that the celebrity aligns with your brand values and resonates with your target audience. Running an A/B test can help you determine the actual impact of the endorsement on your conversion rates.

Trust Remedy #5: See It to Believe It 🎥

Sometimes, the best form of proof is a high-quality demo video or image. Demonstrating your product in action can effectively dismantle doubts and showcase its value.

Trust Remedy #6: Social Proof: The Stamp of Approval 📰

Feature on your landing page positive press you’ve earned on top-level publications. It reassures buyers that they're in good company and that people like your company.

Trust Remedy #7: The More Proof, the Better 🏆

Fill your website with every bit of evidence you’ve got – from articles and podcasts to newspapers, books, cool projects, online magazines, speaking gigs, awards, and even fun facts. Turn your site into the ultimate 'why you should trust us' destination. Every element helps to build a compelling case for your credibility.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Action Step:

Consider which two trust-building strategies you can implement immediately in your marketing efforts. If you're at the beginning of your journey, identify which strategies you aim to develop within the next month to start building a solid foundation of trust with your audience.

Maximize Impact with Strategic Proof Investments

After you nail down what really convinces your visitors, it's time to smartly invest your time and money into getting those assets. So, if your visitors are persuaded by:

Celebrity shoutouts: Invest in your brand's growth and visibility to attract those influential shoutouts. Whether it's through networking, strategic partnerships, or direct outreach.

Glowing expert reviews: Hustle to earn those praises from respected leaders in your industry. Remember, genuine expert endorsements come from proving your worth.

Showing off your growth or how big you’ve become: Craft a strategy to make it happen, whether it's through marketing campaigns, customer success stories, or data-driven results. Make your brand's expansion visible and noteworthy.

Awards: Set your sights on what awards align with your brand's aspirations and work tirelessly towards achieving them.

Wrapping it up:

Conversions aren’t just a bonus; they're the whole show. It's all about evolving into the kind of company your customers dream about. Use what you learn from them to guide you. That's how you build trust at every turn and turn doubters into your biggest fans.

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