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ORIGINAL - 10 Things That Kill Your Website Conversion And How To Fix Them

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How To Build Multi-Step Funnels For Both Early Birds And Last Minute Buyers

⚠️ Cause: Businesses keep missing the mark, not realizing that buyers will buy when they’re ready.
💊 Rx: Create a multi-step funnel to appeal to visitors at every stage of their buying journey and stay top of mind.

You've heard it before – everyone in business wants their customers to pull out their credit cards quicker than a New York minute. But let’s be real: hard selling is out, and building genuine, lasting connections with your audience is in. This means you need to understand and nurture your potential customers' readiness to make a purchase.

Understanding Customer Readiness: Key to Unlocking Sales

The magic word here is 'readiness.' It's super important to know that customers operate on their own timelines and sometimes they become ready to make to buy because of a change agent. If you can spot these moments, it can completely transform how you approach potential buyers.

For example:
The end of a phone contract - perfect time to scout out what’s fresh and exciting.
A pre-diabetic wake-up call diagnosis might motivate a lifestyle and diet overhaul.
Went a little overboard during the holidays? Usually leads to interest in weight loss programs.

Similarly, new projects or life events, like planning a trip, triggers a domino effect of related purchases, from booking flights and hotels to securing rental cars and excursions. The journey from consideration to purchase starts with the visitor's readiness.

Timing Is Everything: How to Align Your Sales Strategy with Customer Readiness

Trying to convince someone to buy before they’re ready? That’s a quick way to burn cash. The real strategy? Play the long game and wait for the right moment.

Understand that your customers will make their move when the time is right for them. The key is making sure you're the one they turn to when that moment arrives.
Here's how to stay ahead:
Stay on Their Radar: Use your newsletter to build the know, like, and trust factor. When you're genuinely connected, you're the go-to person they think of when they're finally ready to dive in.
Be Everywhere They Are: Selling immune-boosting supplements? Place your products where your potential customers already spend their time - think health food aisles, airport shops, or even at their favorite spa.

The bottom line: It’s not about pushing harder; it’s about being there smarter. Be the name they remember and the solution they find exactly when they’re looking for it.

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